Ron Paul Gets Cheated Out of His Massachusetts Delegates By Republican Establishment

Ron Paul supporters are up-in-arms this weekend after the Massachusetts Republican committee has disqualified 17 delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention for failing to pledge their allegiance to Mitt Romney.

The committee, charged with the task of deciding who gets to represent Massachusetts Republicans at the GOP National Convention in Tampa, Florida, claims these delegates failed to deliver in time an affidavit swearing they would support Mitt Romney's nomination for president.

But, Ron Paul supporters say that the Republican Party's rules for selecting delegates never mention that an affidavit is required, so they believe the mainstream of the GOP is using this tactic to undermine support for Paul and thwart his caucus/delegate strategy. Notably, in the past, delegates have never been required to sign such an affidavit.

In Massachusetts, Ron Paul stole delegate spots away from Mitt Romney at the Republican caucuses in April. Technically, however, the delegates must still vote for Romney because of his dominant victory in the state primary.

However, some of the Ron Paul supporting delegates refused the requirement that they sign legal affidavits pledging to support Mitt Romney (considering they had already committed to this verbally at the caucuses). The committee therefore disqualified them, meaning the number of Liberty delegates representing Massachusetts at the GOP Convention has declined from 35 to 19.

Massachusetts is a particularly important state at this year's convention because it is Romney's home state, and it is therefore seen as a bellweather, a sign of Romney's pull with the traditionally liberal voters of the Northeast.

Ron Paul supporters say the Republican committee's actions are just the latest in a long list of egregious violations this election season which show that the process is rigged again Paul and in favor of the establishment.

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