Ron Paul Supporters Challenge Oregon GOP for Delegates and Influence at Republican Convention

Ron Paul supporters are mounting a serious challenge with the national GOP to give them full control over the delegation representing the state of Oregon at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Although Ron Paul won less than 13 percent of the vote in Oregon's Republican primary, his supporters make up half of the state's delegation.

The battle for credentials in Oregon is part of a larger struggle that Ron Paul's campaign is mounting in states across the country, including Louisiana and Maine, to remain relevant at the GOP Convention later this month.

Most of the delegates in Oregon are bound by state law and Republican party rulesto vote for Mitt Romney. But that hasn't stopped Ron Paul supporters, who are hoping to secure a prominent national speaking spot for Paul at the GOP Convention, which would help to put his libertarian view back into the spotlight ahead of the November election.

Ron Paul supporters made an impressive showing in Oregon back in June, when they voted for a slate of pro-Ron Paul delegates in five different district conventions and won the three seats reserved for delegates pledged to the libertarian candidate. The Paul supporters were also elected to fill several spots for delegates who had previously pledged their support for Rick Santorum.

Paul supporters say the may have won half of Oregon's 28 delegates to the convention.

But the state GOP angered Ron Paul supporters by closing down district conventions at 5:00 p.m. and chosing the alternate delegates later. The delegates and alternates voted on who would chair the delgation and the prize went to party regulars rather than Ron Paul supporters. Paul supporters claimed foula nd protested the decision. 

Now, they are hoping to overturn the selection of alternate delegates and the leadership of the delegation.

Whether or not Paul suporters succeed remains to be seen, but what's clear is that they're taking the fight for delegates and influence all the way into Tampa this August.

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