50 Shades of Grey Movie: Christian Grey Casting Lead is Ian Somerhalder, Not Ryan Gosling

Just one week ago, it seemed as though Matt Bomer had emerged as the frontrunner for the lead role of Christian Grey in the upcoming Hollywood smash-hit 50 Shades of Grey, yet another actor has emerged as a potential contender for one of the most coveted roles in recent movie memory: Ian Somerhalder.

In a new YouTube video which recently surfaced from a Vampire Diaries convention in New Jersey, Somerhalder discusses going out to Los Angles to meet with "those guys," presumably the 50 Shades filmmakers, to interview for the role. Immediately after his announcement, eager fans erupt in applause, but Somerhalder gives few other details about his interview. When one audience member asks, "Who do you want to play Ana (Anastasia Steele)?" Somerhalder never answers the question directly.

Producer Dana Brunetti announced via Twitter that Somerhalder may be mistaken: "maybe he was lied to by someone? None the less, we are only meeting with writers." 

Whether or not the Vampire Diaries actor has a real shot at the role remains to be seen; perhaps he was just trying to get his fans excited. However, with his name in the mix to play Christian Grey, the race has truly begun.

Initially, it seemed as though Ryan Gosling, star of The Notebook, was the clear favorite for the role, as he is a proven Hollywood heartthrob. But, rumors then began circulating that Robert Pattinson and Matt Bomer may also be contenders. Step Up Revolution star Ryan Guzman has also been mentioned in the Christian Grey conversation.

My best guess? Rule out Robert Pattinson, because his recent relationship drama with Kristen Stewart cheating on him would attract more negative press to the movie than anything else. Matt Bomer may be out of the mix because he is gay (writer Bret Easton Ellis got into hot water when he tweeted that Bomer should not play the male lead in 50 Shades of Grey because the actor is gay. "Okay I'll say it. Matt Bomer isn't right for Christian Grey because he is openly gay. He's great for other roles but this is too big a game.") Ryan Guzman does not have the same kind of name recognition, so he may not have as good a shot as Ryan Gosling. Within this context, there is no clear front-runner and Ian Somerhalder is very much a real possibility for the role.

First, we'll have to see who gets selected as a director and who is chosen to write the screenplay for the movie. Then, the speculation games continue.

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