CSPAN RNC 2012: 5 Quotes From the Kelly Ayotte Speech

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte delivered one of several major addresses at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, and her remarks represent some of the several speeches from GOP women on the first evening of the RNC Convention.

Ayotte gave the first speech on primetime television, at 8:00 pm, to an audience of Republican voters. Set to the theme of small business, Ayotte hammered home why she believes Mitt Romney, not Barack Obama, is the better option for small business owners and economic progress. Ayotte's husband is a small business owner, so the message was particularly fitting.

Ayotte is just one of many speakers who headline the RNC Convention on the first night of speeches. Mitt Romney's wife Ann Romney will deliver a much-anticipated address at 10:00 p.m., while New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will deliver the keynote address shortly thereafter. 

For a complete roster of all the major speeches, along with live coverage and analysis, see here.

In case you missed it, here are five highlights from Ayotte's speech focusing on small business: 

1) “President Obama is making it very difficult for small businesses to get started … and to survive.” 

2) [On small business owners] "The Obama administration wants to bury them with rules, regulations, and red tape."

3) "Under this administration, regulations are up and job creation is down. President Obama actually believes that as small business grows, the federal government should take a larger and larger share of its earnings.”

4) "Isn’t it time that we had a leader who blievees that creating jobs out to be celebrated, not penalized. That is why Mitt Romney is running for president. He’ll get the federal government out of the business of small business."

5) [On Mitt Romney's Day 1] "He will roll back Obamacare on Day 1." (to a roaring audience)

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