Artur Davis RNC Speech Makes Him the Next Barack Obama

Artur Davis has made headlines during this election for switching allegiances from the Democratic to the Republican party ahead of the Republican National Convention. Now, he'll make headlines as the next Barack Obama, after the stellar speech which he delievered on Tuesday at the RNC, which by far outshined all other speeches as the best of the evening.

The young, Southern African American was an avid Obama supporter in 2008, but has been appearing on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in 2012. His speech is sure to propel him on the national stage, and could make him the next elected Republican.

It could also catapult him to fame, much like Barack Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention made him a national celebrity. 

Davis told the audience why he has decided to switch parties, filled with eloquent and punchy speech lines and a dynamic tone. He explained, 

"Tampa, my fellow Republicans, thank you for welcoming me where I belong. ... 6 million of us got it wrong in 2008 and want to fix it. ... Maybe we should have known that night in Denver that things that began with Greek columns typical don’t end well. ... . Maybe the Hollywood stars clouded us a little." He continued, "No candidate had ever spoken so beautifully. ... [but the] economy is stuck and Obama can't run on his record."

Davis told the audience that Romney may not be as cool as Obama, but he's a more effective leader. "Romney can’t sing, but his record convinces me he knows how to lead, and I think you know which skill we need more."

Davis said, "This time, in the name of 23 million of our children and parents and brothers and sisters who are unemployed … let’s put the poetry aside. Let’s come down to earth and start creating jobs again."

Davis concluded, "We don't need flowery words about inequality ... Our votes didn't build the country we wanted."

Whether or not Davis' speech appeals to independents and swing voters remains to be seen. But his eloquent speech was refreshing and will thrust him onto the national stage, something refreshing on a night of otherwise uninspiring speeches.

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