Obama vs Romney Poll: More Voters Call Barack Obama a Failed President in 2012

If you had to describe President Barack Obama in one word, what would you say?

Back in 2008, voters who were asked this question used words that focued on Barack Obama's newness to the political scene to describe the new president. In September 2008, the majority of voters used the words "inexperienced" and "change" to describe the President. 

Flash forward to 2012, the public uses a range of terms to describe Obama, reflecting the country's mixed feelings about his presidency. Most voters say is "good/goodman" and that he is "trying/tried/tries," but many also say he is a "failure" and "incompetent."

The study conducted by the Pew Center offers a window into the mentality of American voters, and gives a sense of the challenge that President Obama has before him as he addresses the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night to remake his case for election in November 2012. Just four years ago, Obama captivated the nation during his 2008 Convention address, after a long and bruising primary battle with Hillary, proving he deserved the Democrats' nomination. It will be up to Obama and vice president Joe Biden on Thursday to deliver that same energy once again.

Some descriptors have remained consistent over the course of Obama's presidency. Four years ago, the word "intelligent" was one of the key descriptions of Obama, and it remains one of the most frequently used words to describe Obama. The word socialist also has been consistently used to describe Obama. Among Republicans, "socialist" is one of the frequently most mentioned words, along with "failure" and "incompetent."

Take a look at the data here, conducted in a poll on Aug 31-Sept 3 among 1,008 adults:

Weigh in: What one word would you use to describe President Obama in 2012? How is that different than what you would have said back in 2008?

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