Obama Youtube Video Slams Romney Meet the Press Interview for Romney Ryan Budget Plan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan took to the Sunday talkshows this weekend to try to reclaim momentum after President Obama received a bump in the polls from a successful Democratic Convention in Charlotte, but the media blitz may have left more questions for voters than it answered. The Obama campaign has released a new campaign video on Monday morning hitting back at Romney and Ryan for failing to name specific tax loopholes that they would close if in office.

The blistering video criticizes Romney, who appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press," and Paul Ryan, who took to ABC's "This Week," for refusing to provide details about their economic plan. 

The Obama campaign released the following statement: "On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mitt Romney refused to name even one tax loophole or deduction that he’d close to pay for his $5 trillion in new tax cuts favoring the wealthiest Americans. Paul Ryan did the same on ABC’s “This Week” – probably because, as Romney’s advisers have said, they both know it would be politically “suicidal” to do so."

"Here’s what they’re hiding from: because there are simply not enough loopholes for the wealthy in the federal budget that Mitt Romney could eliminate to pay for his tax cut, the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found that his tax plan could only be paid for by limiting popular tax deductions like the mortgage interest deduction, which would raise taxes on the average middle class family with kids by $2,000 a year.

"This unapologetic evasiveness by the Romney-Ryan ticket won’t be lost on voters because their lack of specifics carries a strong message of its own – which President Obama and Vice President Biden translated for voters during campaign events in Florida and Ohio on Sunday afternoon. The Vice President put it plainly: “The money’s got to come from somewhere. Guess who? You.” And the President said, “They want your vote, but they don't have a plan. Or at least they don't want to tell you their plan. And that's because they've got the same plan they've had for 30 years.” 

"That’s all Americans need to know about the Romney-Ryan plan – it’s the same one that got us into this mess in the first place. In other words, bad math."

Vice President Joe Biden picked up the same line at a campaign event on Sunday in Milford, Ohio, were he slammed Mitt Romney for his "Meet the Press" interview. He said, "Romney now claims he’s going to, he said on Meet the Press today ... he said that he’s going to pay for all these tax cuts by closing the loopholes. But when asked by Mr. Gregory what loopholes he’d close, he couldn’t name one. ... Ladies and gentlemen, look, all this has a giant price tag, and it’s not going to come from closing loopholes for millionaires. It’s not going to get rid of their continued insistence on a four and a half billion dollar tax break for oil companies to encourage them to drill for oil as if they’re not doing that already, right? As if they don’t have billions of dollars in profits. That’s good they have profits. They don’t need the tax breaks any more than the super-wealthy. Folks, when we give these kinds of tax breaks to the very very wealthy, the money’s got to come from somewhere. Guess who? You."

Here's the video ad that the Obama campaign is running in response. Share your thoughts and reactions below:

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