Ron Paul Warned Us This Would Happen: 16 Year Old Questioned By FBI for Supporting Ron Paul

Ron Paul has long warned Americans of the dangers of a federal government-supported police state, and now, it seems his worst fears are coming to life. A 16-year-old Ron Paul supporter has been questioned by the FBI after he created a YouTube video for a school project which highlights how America is slipping into a police state. 

That's right, a child has been questioned by the authorities solely because of his support for libertarian Ron Paul. Let alone that the video earned Justin Hallman an A+ with his teacher in his American Government class. 

Here are the details of the case: Hallman put together the video, which focuses on Ron Paul, Anonymous, military drills taking place in American cities, and free speech for his high school government class. One month later, he was at his family home when FBI agents knocked on the door saying to Hallman's mother that "We need to talk to your son."

Apparently, the FBI tried to recruit Hallman to spy on Anonymous. He told Infowars, "They wanted me to be an informant, to possibly put my life in danger, to help them arrest and gain intel on occupy protesters and hackers."

The authorities also asked him about his support for Ron Paul and the Illuminati secret society. "They also asked me why I had talked to my teacher about the Illuminati. I told them it was just harmless talk about the 1776 Illuminati that formed from the enlightenment era. I said my teacher said they are/were terrorists and not to talk about them (this caused the FBI agents to look puzzled and they changed the subject very fast to Anonymous). In the end they finally left for an “important meeting,” he said.

For Ron Paul supporters, the incident serves as yet another example of what the Paul campaign has faced all year long: threats, harassment, intimidation, verbal abuse, and silencing by the Republican establishment, mainstream media, and the government in an effort to put down the insurgent movement. Ron Paul supporters have long warned of the dangers of a police state (and regularly talk about the surging TSA budget in the aftermath of 9/11), so the FBI incident comes as no surprise. 

Still, with the police investigating a 16-year-old for his support for Ron Paul, it seems that their fears have arrived.

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