Occupy Wall Street Anniversary: Top 10 Raw Videos that Changed the World

Eyewitness videos were instrumental in catapulting Occupy Wall Street from the streets into international headlines. As the movement marks its first anniversary on Monday, September 17th, Link TV News has provided the following compilation of 10 raw videos that changed the world.

These influential videos reveal how the simultaneous spread of video sites like YouTube and mobile video cameras in 2005 enabled eyewitnesses to easily record and share historic events like never before.

See below for the clip, here is a list of the ten events. What else would you add to this list?

10. London bombings (2005) - Perhaps the first major news event captured by ordinary people using their cell phones and immediately disseminated to the world.

9. The Execution of Saddam Hussein (2006) - Saddam Hussein’s hanging was filmed by a prison guard and proved that nothing is private in an age where cell phones are also video cameras. 

8. Occupy Wall Street (2011) - The image of police pepper-spraying peaceful protestors at the University of California, Davis became the crystallizing moment of the Occupy movement. 

7. The Death of Neda Aghan-Soltan (2009) - The raw video showing Iranian security forces shooting a protestor galvanized the Iranian opposition and demonstrated just how powerfully social media can impact a movement.

6. Pussy Riot (2012) - An art-punk collective shot a guerrilla music video in a Moscow cathedral in protest against Vladimir Putin and became an international symbol of grassroots resistance, with supporters ranging from Madonna to Amnesty International.

5. London Riots (2011) – While mainstream media relied on official sources for updates on the riots, it was this raw video of a person being mugged after surviving an attack that epitomized the utter breakdown of decency.

4. Egyptian Uprising (2011) - Only four people turned out to protest in Tahrir Square on September 18, 2011. This woman Asma Mahfouz was one of them. Disgusted with her countrymen, recorded this rebuke, uploaded it to Facebook and it went viral. A week later, thousands take to Cairo’s streets, starting the revolution and changing history.

3. Chinese Toddler (2011) - A Chinese toddler struck in a hit and run. Viewers worldwide were outraged, but it exposed how in Chinese society helping someone in distress can get you penalized for the injury. More than any other, this video drew a stark line between Chinese and western practices. 

2. The Death of Gaddafi (2011) - This cell phone video of Gaddafi's death was filmed by rebel soldiers in the middle of a war zone and viewed instantly around the world.

1. Japanese Tsunami (2011) - The Tsunami in Northern Japan occurred in the most highly connected society on Earth. These videos, shot by local residents and transmitted to the world in almost real time, captured the devastation in a way that words never could.

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