Who Won the Jon Stewart Bill OReilly Debate: Recap and Livestream

Another political debate may prove to be just as contentious as the Obama vs Romney battles this month, and even more entertaining: Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly are getting set to go head-to-head in a debate contest in Washington, D.C.

Billed as "The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium," the hosts of "The Daily Show" and "The O'Reilly Factor" meet at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday at George Washington Univeristy. Both media personalities have appeared on each other's shows in the past, but this should be different, as it takes place on an all-important political week, and before a college audience which gives Stewart the crowd advantage.

In advance of the debate, both men are already taking digs at one another in the lead up to the debate. Bill O'Reilly said there's no doubt the "left-wing media" will declare Stewart the winner. "No matter what happens. Jon Stewart doesn't even have to show up." But he also said, "What I'm going in for is a few laughs. I'm going to have my facts. I always do. I'm going to confound Stewart with the facts. He'll confound me with his 16 writers." 

To that, Stewart responded with his characteristic humor, "Oh, my God, it's only been one sentence and he's alreadey got his facts wrong."

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert said Tuesday that Jon Stewart will "eat Bill O'Reilly's liver" during their debate. "Jon Stewart will eat Bill O'Reilly's liver with some fava beans ... and a nice chianti," he added. Colbert made the prediction on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday, where he filled in for Robin Roberts.

PolicyMic will be live blogging the Saturday debate. To watch it unfold, check back for updates and live commentary!

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