Who Won the Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Wins, Destroys Paul Ryan in VP Debate 2012

It was lopsided from the start. Vice President Joe Biden looked like the seasoned veteran decades Paul Ryan's elder. The fierce attack dog who rose to the challenge of putting the Obama campaign back on the map. The truth-teller who discredited all of the Republican candidate's mistruths, lies, and failed policies. 

Joe Biden won the Vice Presidential debate hands-down on Thursday night, in a contest that was not even close all night. On every key issue, from Libya to defense spending, to abortion, to Medicaid, Biden destroyed Ryan through and through, leaving no doubt as to who won the debate. Excpect the polls to reflect this tomorrow morning.

In the early going of the debate, it was all Biden, who was fierce, intense, and relentless in his critique of Paul Ryan. Biden was chuckling, looked smug, confident, and dominated Ryan on foreign policy and national security. Ryan looked younger, less experienced, and got frequently interrupted by Biden as he tried to string together responses. Much as President Obama was discredited for being too tame during the first presidential debate in Denver, and the same can be said for Ryan on Thursday. Ryan was too passive, too calm, and did not match Biden's emotional level and audio dynamics.

Biden conveyed everything he needed to in this debate: vigorously defending the Obama administration's policies and promoting the Democratic vision for the country.

In one candid moment of the debate, Ryan addressed the vice president saying, "I know you're under duress." He was addressing Obamacare and Medicare, to which Biden responded, "I heard that death panel debate argument from Sarah Palin."

Biden's facial expressions were priceless throughout. He used his hands dynamically, laughing and smirking to discredit Ryan and Republican ideas. He chuckled to brush off Ryan's attacks. 

Here's a look at some of Biden's most priceless expressions. You heard it here first. The polls tomorrow will show Obama surging, and Romney faltering: 

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