The Vice Presidential Debate Narrated in Gifs: The Best VP Debate Recap on the Internet

How Democrats felt when Biden kicked off the debate by calling Ryan's statement a "bunch of malarkey ...."

When Biden took Ryan to school on Ryan's voting record during the Bush years right out of the gate:

Biden's face when Ryan hammered the White House's reaction to Libya:

Ryan's face when Biden pointed out that Ryan voted to cut embassy security by $300 million:

When Biden kept interrupting Ryan:

When Ryan told us to trust him that the Romney tax math works:

When Raddatz kept asking Ryan to give specifics:

When Ryan realized Raddatz wasn't going to let him dodge the question:

When Ryan tried to explain that his Medicare voucher program was not a voucher program:

When Biden still couldn't stop interrupting Ryan:

When Biden said that he refuses to impose his religious views on others:

When conservatives on Twitter started blaming Raddatz for Ryan's inability to give details:

When Ryan said he wouldn't be opposed deploying more troops and potentially engaging in another war in the Middle East:

When Biden said "Oh, you're Jack Kennedy now?"

The Twitter Debate Explosion, in graphic form:

When Ryan couldn't stop agressively hydrating himself throughout the debate:

When Biden kept interrupting Ryan, an hour later:

Biden's reaction to Ryan trying to paint himself as a champion of the middle class:

When Ryan's kids ran up to sit in their dad's debate seat:

Romney's reaction to Ryan tonight:

What Biden says to Obama once he gets back to Washington:

Thanks for joining PolicyMic for another night of live debate coverage! One last gif for the evening:

The PolicyMic editors on their way to work tomorrow morning:

For a full recap on the VP debate, visit the Mark My Words live blog here

Comeplete debate video:

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