Who's Winning the Debate: Livestream and Results of Presidential Debate 2012

It's debate night at PolicyMic! As President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney prepare to square off in their second presidential debate of election 2012, PolicyMic will be providing live coverage, with color commentary, high quality analysis, and a live stream to get you plugged in for all the fun.

[See who is winning the debate here ... live updates galore]

Here's a run-down of how you can follow along on PolicyMic all night long:

1) Editors' Live Blogs

PolicyMic editors will be providing live coverage, with analysis and commentary, over the course of the evening. The debate gets underway at 9:00 pm EST, and our editors will begin our pre-coverage at 8:00 pm EST. Follow Chris Miles here, Mike Luciano here, and Elena Sheppard here. To watch the debate narrated in GIFs, follow editor Sam Meier's coverage here. The editor who can drive the most traffic wins bragging rights (Chris Miles won last debate, so be sure to show some love to your favorite editors!)

2) Pundit Live Blogs

Our incredible pundits will be providing commentary all night long, from a range of liberal, conservative, and libertarian perspectives. Like the editors, there's a prize (t-shirt, dinner with the PolicyMic team, and poster) for the most viewed live blogger. A couple of highlights to get you started: For liberal coverage, check out Danielle Gram here and Warren Rizzi here; for conservative coverage, see Robert Lee here and Gary Patterson here; and for libertarian perspectives, check out Robert Taylor here and Ian Yamamoto here.

3) In-Person Commentary

Three PolicyMic Pundits will be live blogging from Hofstra University, in the media room and from Spin Alley after the debate. Check out Danielle Schlanger here, Jesse Merkel here, and Mark Kogan here.

4) Color Commentary

I'll be providing commentary over the course of the evening. For every gaffe, zinger, and stellar response, I've got you covered. If you have story ideas you'd like to see us cover, let me know below.

4) Social Media Blitz

Follow along on Facebook and Twitter (@policymic) as our social media guru Alex Marin tells the story of the evening via memes, GIFs, one-liners, and Tweets.

5) Live Stream

We'll be showing the live stream of the debate directly on our homepage. No need to go to C-SPAN, YouTube Politics, or anywhere else. You'll be able to easily stream the video on our homepage, and can even open one of our live blogs in a separate browser to follow our coverage as you watch.

6) Drinking Game

Here's our official drinking game, feel free to partake!

Here is a live stream:

PolicyMic will be covering the presidential debate live. For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.

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