Glenn Beck Pees In a Jar, Drops an Obama Toy in It, Calls It Art

Glenn Beck, the conservative, television producer, radio host and political commentator, showed off a mason jar of his own pee that he dropped a dashboard bobblehead figurine of Obama into — reported BuzzFeed

The stunt is supposed to use art to illustrate freedom of speech in America. The controversial media figure, whose supporters praise as a constitutional defender of "traditional" American values and critics decry as a conspiracy theorist, was commenting on an art exhibit that features a painting of Obama as Jesus on the cross:


The painting prompted Beck to wear a beret and speak with a fake French accent while introducing his own controversial art creation. The Tea Party darling claims the urine is real, and he is reportedly selling his piece of work for $25,000. 

Here's what the piece looks like:

Beck added that if the work is sold he'll produce a new one using First Lady Michelle Obama as the subject. 

A Twitter reaction:

What do you think? Did Glenn Beck go too far at exercising his First Amendment rights?

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