Manny Pacquiao Defeat: Did Mitt Romney Bring Bad Luck to the Boxing Superstar?

2012 Republican presidential nominee, and former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney attended Saturday night's MGM Grand Garden Arena boxing match between eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao and WBO light-welterweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez — reported The Washington Post

According to WaPo, Romney — a guest of the Nevada Athletic Commission — "dropped by the dressing room of Filipino superstar [and socially conservative politician] Manny Pacquiao to wish him good luck (right before the highly favored boxer lost by knockout to Mexican Marquez on the sixth round, according to The New York Times).

The former CEO of private equity firm Bain Capital and the XIX Olympic Winter Games, who after losing badly to President Obama during last November 6 presidential election has been seen in an uncharacteristically disheveled manner, is seen sitting next to wife Ann this time wearing the perfectly coiffed hair and impeccable suit he wore as staple on the campaign trail. 

Read more on WaPo.

Do you think Romney brought bad luck to Manny Pacquiao? 

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