Fiscal Cliff 2013: Polls Show Everyone Wants Compromise, as Long as Their Side Wins

A new poll shows that people in both political parties want a compromise to be reached in the fiscal cliff negotiations — as long as their side doesn’t have to give anything up.

Of the people surveyed in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 70% of Democrats and 59% of Republicans said they want leaders in Congress to reach a compromise and avoid going over the cliff — though only 48% believe they’ll be able to.

But, even though the majority of people said they wanted a compromise to be reached, the majority of people in both parties were unable to pick an issue on which they’d want their party to back down on. 

Everyone wants a compromise, they just don’t want their party to back down on any of the issues that are preventing a compromise from being reached:

Apparently American adults have the same understanding of the word "compromise" as elementary school students. So. That’s good. 

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