New Scion A/V and VICE Video Looks at Life as a Millennial During the Economic Collapse

Millennials are among the demographic groups most affected by the economic collapse of 2008, yet they are also rarely consulted when it comes to the direction our economic recovery should take. Until now.

This month, Scion AV and VICE magazine launched a new video series called "Young Americans," an eight-part series about what really went down in 2012 and what young people had to say about it.

Filmmaker Lance Bangs traveled across the United States to get the youth's take on the direction of our country and their place within it. He spoke to hundreds of young people about their hopes, fears, concerns and frustrations. A wide range of under represented voices and viewpoints emerged.

According to Bangs, "I began the shoots feeling a sense of detachment and frustration from many of the young people I was meeting and filming, who were largely concerned with navigating a stressed financial landscape. As my travels went on and the election year backdrop ramped up, people became more engaged in conversations about the direction of the country and carving out their own place within it."

Below, watch the fourth episode, entitled "The Economy." Watch the full series here

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