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Winter Storm Euclid Tracker LIVE: Travel Delays, Flight Cancellations, Snow Forecast

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New York Gets First Big Snow Storm

After pounding the Miswest and South and putting a big cramp in holiday travel, the winter storm streaking across the U.S. hit the Northeast on Thursday. Heavy snow fell through the night and early morning across New York State and Vermont in the first major winter storm this season for the region.

The North Country, including parts of the St. Lawrence and Champlain valleys, and the Adirondacks, are expected to see the heaviest snow.

New York Gov. Andrew Governor Cuomo activated the state's Emergency Operations Center last night to monitor the storm's impact. 

The National Weather Service has estimated that as much as a foot may have fallen overnight. Visibility is limited, and "severe" snow and ice conditions are reported on many roads and highways.

National Weather Service spokesman David Roth said the Northeast’s heaviest snowfall would be in northern Pennsylvania, upstate New York and inland sections of several New England states before the storm ended Friday morning and headed to Canada.

The East Coast’s largest cities — New York, Philadelphia and Boston — were seeing mostly high winds and rain Thursday morning. Other areas were getting a messy mix of rain and snow or just rain — enough to slow down commuters and those still heading home from visits with family.

Winter Storm Euclid Forecast: Rain South From Kentucky, Heavy Snow North Into Ohio

Kentucky is the dividing line between rain and snow for this winter storm. Lexington, in central Kentucky was expected to see only around an inch of snow, while locations south into Tennessee would see only rain. 

But only 30 minutes north into Northern Kentucky (Covington) and Cincinatti, reports warned of over 12 inches of snow. Indidan, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia were all forecasted to recieve over half a foot of snow.

A Winter Weather Advisory had been issued for much of the Central Kentucky and eastern Kentucky from 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday. Advisories issued for further eastern Kentucky run through Thursday morning. These areas could see an inch or more of snow late this afternoon and tonight, making for hazardous travel conditions.

Rain is falling across the entire area this morning with temperatures near 40 degrees. Temperatures will drop this afternoon as the colder part of the storm system moves into our area. Along with our soggy weather, strong winds gusting up to 30mph will make it feel even colder in the first half of the day.

Snow and ice covered roads in southern Illinois and southern Indiana early Wednesday. Officials urged residents to stay home if they can. State police reported numerous slide-off accidents in the Evansville, Ind., area and white-out conditions on Interstate 64 in Indiana with wind gusts around 30 mph.


What Do You Do If Your Flight is Cancelled, or You Miss Your Flight?

Because flight delays are weather-related, you don't have much of a recourse if you miss your flight, or your flight is cancelled. Still, you do have some options.

Here are a few of your best bets if this winter storm is cramping your travel plans, as suggested by the AP's travel writer, Scott Mayerowitz:

— If you miss your connection, the airlines will automatically rebook you on the next available flight. However, with flights at near capacity, the next open seat could be several days away. Two years ago, some Christmas fliers had to wait nearly a week to get home.

— If you're unhappy with your rebooked flight, get in line to speak to a customer service representative. But also, pick up the phone and call the airline directly, go onto the airline's website and even consider sending a Tweet.

— Consider buying a one-day pass to the airline lounge. It's a nice place to relax away from the crowd and there are usually free drinks and small snacks. But the real secret to the lounges is that the airline staffs them with some of its best — and friendliest — ticket agents. The lines inside will be much shorter and these agents are magically able to find empty seats where nobody else can. One-day passes typically cost $50.

Check here to see if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Chicago O'Hare (ORD), Indianapolis (IND), and Dallas (DFW) See Worst Airport Delays

The winter storm stretching from North to South has caused major travel delays from Texas to Illinois. 

As of 10 a.m. EST, the airports suffering the most cancellations so far on Wednesday are: Indianapolis (a combined 122 arrivals and departures canceled); Dallas/Fort Worth (117) and Chicago O'Hare (66). New York's Laguardia and the Washington, D.C., airports were also seeing increased delays.

In Dallas air traffic destined to DFW was being delayed at its departure point by 2 or 3 hours.

The scope of the cancellations was widening, now affecting airports from New York to Georgia to Texas. Among the other airports with a notable tally of cancellations today are: Washington Dulles (47); Cleveland (45); New York LaGuardia (45); Columbus, Ohio (38); Charlotte (33); Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (29); Washington National (29); New York JFK (28); Philadelphia (27); Newark Liberty (26); Dayton (25); Pittsburgh (23); Akron-Canton (20) and Atlanta (20).

New York City Airports (LGA, EWR, JFK) See No Major Travel Delays From Winter Storm

Don't expect too much of a mess in the New York City area from the winter storm. New York LaGuardia (45 flight delays), New York JFK (28), and Newark Liberty (26) are only seeing minor delays due to weather, in comparison to the nearly 500 flights delayed in the Dallas area. Departures at these airports are experiencing taxi delays of 16 to 45 minutes and/or arrivals are experiencing airborne holding delays of 16 to 45 minutes. The winter storm is expected to change to rain when it hits the Northeast, but forecasters still are fearing that slick roads could make travel dangerous in some parts.

Here are some other notes as the storm travels across Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and into Pennsylvania.

+ Slick roads being reported around Pittsburgh, Pa. Snow has now dropped visibility to a half of a mile.

+ One-quarter of an inch of freezing rain has glazed Washington, Pa., which is located southwest of Pittsburgh.

+ Highest snow total so far from the storm: 18.3 inches at Albion, Ill.

+ Indianapolis, Ind., has picked up a total of 7.0 inches of snow, making this snowstorm the city's heaviest since late January 2009. Three of those inches fell in only one hour.

+ AccuWeather.com meteorologists just held a special map discussion and remain concerned for slick and slippery roads in Philadelphia, New York City and Boston before a wintry mix changes to rain.


Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) Airport Delays: 500 Flights Cancelled

Accordimg to reports, some 40 planes were sitting iced over at DFW on Wednesday morning, one of the busiest airports in the nation. As 9:30 a.m. EST, these planes couldn't leave for at least another 2 hours.

About 1,000 passengers stayed overnight at terminals after 415 flights were canceled because of the snow and ice that hit North Texas Christmas afternoon.

Some 40+ additional flights were canceled Wednesday morning as passengers scrambled to get their travel plans in order.The snow ended around 5 p.m. Tuesday. Officially, 0.4 of an inch of snow and 1.35 inches of rain were recorded at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.


Winter Storm Euclid Tracker LIVE: Travel Delays, Flight Cancellations, Snow Forecast

Winter Storm Euclid brought a white Christmas to millions of Americans, while also threatening many more with high winds, snow and even the risk of tornadoes, reported Weather.com via NBC News. 

Euclid could interrupt millions of Americans' post-holiday travel plans as many from coast to coast will try to make it back home, defying what Weather.com describes as "wintry conditions" from eastern Oklahoma through Arkansas.

Euclid then will likely move to the Ohio Valley and eastern Great Lakes on Wednesday and Thursday. The West Coast is also expected to get snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. 

As of Tuesday, and according to Flightstats.com, almost 200 flights had been canceled and 1,039 had been delayed, a problem that could persist at least until Thursday morning. 

Euclid is also likely to disrupt drivers, as almost 100 million Americans are expected to hit the road on Wednesday as they return from their families and friends' homes after the holidays. 

Broad regions in the United States, from Texas to Oklahoma, will likely face other types of disruptive weather such as thunder and snow storms.

The conditions are raising flags about travel safety, as well as generating recommendations from authorities to "plan ahead" and "exercise caution" in order to guarantee the safety of the holiday travelers.  

In addition, authorities along the Gulf Coast are warning residents to be watch out for "strong tornadoes, high winds heavy rain, hail and lightning."

As far as the Northeast, severe weather is expected to arrive on Wednesday and Thursday. Boston, New York and Philadelphia, will likely experience heavy rain as opposed snow.