Eric Cantor: Who is the Guy Who Could Unseat John Boehner?

At least 20 House Republicans have gotten together to unseat Speaker John Boehner, and they are reportedly considering House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia to take the helm. Cantor voted against the fiscal cliff deal, while Boehner voted for it.

Apart from Boehner, Cantor is the next obvious choice for the positon. Cantor is staunchly pro-Israel, anti-stem cell research, anti-affirmative action (according to the NAACP), and very anti-gun control. He is anti-steep taxes ... but not as free-market oriented as someone like Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.). Cantor has proposed intiatives which purport to help small businesses grow, including a 20% tax cut for businesses that employ fewer than 500 people.

In August 2008 news reports surfaced that Cantor was being considered as John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate, with McCain's representatives seeking documents from Cantor as part of its vetting process. Those rumors were later scoffed at by John McCain as just a rumor from the Cantor camp. The idea for Cantor to be McCain's running mate was supported by conservative leaders like Richard Land and Erick Erickson.

Cantor faced a primary challenger, Floyd C. Bayne, in the June 12th, 2012 Republican Primary. Cantor won that primary and then defeated Democratic challenger Wayne Powell.

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