Meet the Nate Silver of Culture: Elena Sheppard Accurately Predicted 100% of the Golden Globe Awards 2013

Editor's Note: On Sunday night, culture editor extraordinaire Elena Sheppard live blogged the Golden Globe Awards and managed to predict every single award category correctly. I asked Elena what the key to her success was, here's our interview.

Jake Horowitz (JH): You called 100% of the awards correctly at last night's Golden Globes. Does that mean you're the Nate Silver of Culture? 

Elena Sheppard (ES): I love trying to figure out who will win, but sadly I don't think we can put me in the Nate Silver category just yet. Nate Silver is a god amongst men. I'm a mere mortal who loves the movies.  

JH: Everyone had Lincoln pegged to win the Best Picture award last night. But you called Argo. Walk us through your thought process.  

ES: Well, in that category we had Django Unchained, Argo, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, and Lincoln. I had narrowed it down to Lincoln and Argo. Last week, Argo won at the Critics' Choice Awards ... a clue ... and the Hollywood Foreign Press likes to take some risks in their voting; both of those facts gave Argo an edge. When Affleck won for Best Director, it became obvious that it was Argo's night. 

JH: Call it: Which movie will win Best Picture at the Oscars?

ES: Yikes! I think I need a few more weeks to really think about it, I'll give my definitive answer in February :) I still think Lincoln has a good shot at the Oscars. It's a very Oscar movie. 

JH: What are the biggest differences between the Golden Globes and Oscars that people can expect to see next month? 

ES: The Golden Globes are like the drunk uncle of awards shows. People are a little looser, the TV stars are there, they're wining and dining, and as I said before, the HFPA likes to take more risks than the Academy; which is why you saw shows like Girls and movies like Argo emerge the big winners. The Oscars are a bit more buttoned up. Case and point: There's no Best Director nomination for Affleck at the Oscars, whereas the Globes were totally his night. 

JH: P.S. I heard you got 10K people on the site at once last night. Wow! I want to write for your Oscars culture coverage. How can I?

ES: Send me an email at elena@policymic.com. I'd love to have you help with the coverage!

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