Joe Biden Says "I'm Proud to Be President" On Stage — Was It A Gaffe Or 2016 Hint?

Ah, Joe Biden, the gaffes never cease to amaze.

Biden on Saturday night produced yet another of his iconic slip-ups — a Bidenism, if you will — saying “I’m proud to be president of the United States” while speaking at the Iowa State Society inauguration ball.


Oh, Joe!

After some laughter and a nudge from someone on stage, Biden corrected himself.

"I'm proud to be Vice President of the United States," he said, "and I'm prouder to be Barack Obama — President Barack Obama's — vice president."

Bidenism. Classic-freaking-Bidenism.

"Well, there goes that," Biden joked. "Look, on a serious note, I guess I'm lucky to get back to a serious note."

This of course wasn't the first time Biden was confused about who's in the White House. In November, he referred to Obama as President Clinton.

It also wasn’t the first gaffe, of course. Remember him telling Obama “this is a big f*cking deal” before the president signed Obamacare into law, in earshot of a full contingent of press?

Biden has had so many slip-ups that the satirical newspaper, The Onion, has made him a regular character in their stories. 

It’s just Biden being Biden, right?

But the vice president may very well be foreshadowing his intentions to run for higher office. Biden has previously hinted that he wants to make a presidential run in 2016 ... of course, I use “hinted” lightly, as it’s a bit hard to differentiate reality from comedy with Biden.

There was this incident: After voting on election day 2012 in his home state of Delaware, Biden playfully responded to a reporter's query asking whether he thought this would be the last time he voted for himself in an election.

"No, I don't think so," Biden said with a wry grin.

Then there was this incident: On a campaign stop in Sarasota, Florida, a week earlier Biden pressed his argument to the Republican brother of a supporter, defending Obamacare to the skeptical man.

“And after it’s all over, when your insurance rates go down, then you’ll vote for me in 2016,” Biden said in earshot of reporters capturing his every word.


Honest early campaigning?

Is Joe-freaking-Biden — not Hillary Clinton — the heir to Barack Obama?

Regardless of whether Biden is making campaigning efforts in the middle of Obama's inauguration, having a Biden moment, or becoming senile while America watches, we’re always happy to get a good laugh from Uncle Joe.

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