America Won World War II In Less Time Than It Has Taken Democrats to Pass a Budget In the Senate

The last time Senate Democrats passed a budget, what they once called “the most basic responsibility of governing,” was April 29, 2009.

Now the House, led by Republicans, is looking to force the budget issue. 

House Republicans will vote on Wednesday to raise the debt ceiling without matching spending cuts. The measure is both a concession by the GOP that Republican obstructionism is no longer working, and represents a new legislative strategy by GOPers in the 113th Congress.

Republican leaders feel confident they will be able to pass the bill, which suspends the debt ceiling until May 19.

But the bill also attempts to force both chambers of Congress to pass a budget by April 15. If they don't, members of Congress will not be paid.   :-(

The "no budget, no pay" bill, which has long been pushed by bi-partisan groups like No Labels, could become the spark that lights a fire under Congress' ass on this issue. 

With the House set to vote on a “no budget, no pay” bill this week, the House Speaker John Boehner's office has a new graphic showing just some of the things that could be done in a similar four-year span.

Key take-aways: 

- The Keystone XL energy project would create thousands of jobs – and you could construct the whole thing, all 1,179 miles of it … twice (if the president stopped blocking it, of course).

- Need a vacation? How about a cross-country trip from Key West, FL to Seattle, WA? You could make the drive 684 times, even if you stop at a few ATMs along the way.

- Can’t comprehend the magnitude of our $16 trillion debt or how spending is the “driving force”behind it? You could earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Chicago in less time than it’s taken Senate Democrats to pass a budget.

- It took 491 days from September 1941 to January 1943 to construct the Pentagon - the largest office building in the world - from start to finish. You could build three of them.

- If you follow the same plan as the crew of Apollo 11, you could fly to the moon and back 179 times.

- The United States declared war and led the Allies to victory over the Axis powers in less time than it’s taken Senate Democrats to pass a budget.

- Car trips not your thing? How about a balloon ride? You could float across the globe nonstop in a hot-air balloon approximately 73 times.

- If you’re in peak physical (superhuman) condition, you could make “the five day summit push” up Mt. Everest 292 times.

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