Hillary 2016: 5 Signs She Will Run, Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Movie is a Big Flop, and Everything You Should Read on Friday

Recess appointments controversy. A federal appeals court offered a rebuke to President Obama today, ruling that he violated the Constitution last year when he bypassed the Senate to fill three vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board.

President Obama named Denis R. McDonough, a longtime aide and currently the principal deputy national security adviser, as his new White House chief of staff today.Obama called McDonough “one of my closest friends” and an “indispensable member of my national security team” who has been central to every major foreign policy decision of the past four years.
Today is also Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s last day in office. He told Politico, "The thing I'm most grateful for is the chance to work with the President I admire, and help him do the necessary hard thing of saving the country from a second Great Depression. And I think the biggest challenge ahead of us still is to try to find a way to get the American political system to start to work again in taking on some of the bigger, longer-term challenges we face. And I think that's a challenge still unmet."
Britain's economy is rapidly tanking. Fourth quarter GDP fell by more than forecast, and the UK may be headed for a triple-dip recession and lose its AAA credit rating.
Apple discovered one of its manufacturers in China is using child labor in an expanded audit of its suppliers. Apple still uses 158 factories which have not yet been audited.
Meet Michael McCutcheon! I sat down with PolicyMic’s Politics editor Michael McCutcheon to introduce you to our newest member of the all-star editorial team. Read our interview here.
Top PolicyMic Stories – Wall Street Journal Says Not to Let Women in Combat Roles Because They'll Have to Poop Next to Men (Sam Meier) – After Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's announcement on Thursday that women will soon be able to serve in more ground combat roles, some objections went straight into the toilet. Literally.
Israeli Election Results Increase Chances For Peace, But For Reasons You Might Not Expect (Joel Griffith) – As expected, results from Israel’s parliamentary elections Tuesday will extend Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure as prime minister, bolstering the prospects for peace.
Obama Inauguration Speech Points to Job Creation As Means to End Poverty: Is He Right?(Michael De Los Santos) – Simply making a donation to poverty organizations will not address the issue; instead, investments in job creation and building economic security are the answers to addressing poverty.
5 Clear Signs Hillary Clinton Will Run For President in 2016 (Karen Lickteig) – Will Hillary Clinton run for President in four years? All signs point to yes.
7 Gun Control Facts That Are Actually Myths (Jack Lee) – Gun control advocates often offer these myths to advance the argument for gun control, but here we look at the facts in order to debunk them.
What We’re Reading – Around the globe, women already serve in combat units (NPR); Why smart poor students don’t apply to selective colleges (and how to fix it) (The Atlantic); Doesjailing CEOs make much of a difference? (Reuters); Bill criminalizing abortions after rapecauses an uproar in New Mexico (NBC); Sports are a civil right for disabled, U.S says (SF Gate); In 2050, flight time from Europe to Australia will be 90 minutes (Mashable); Apple co-founder says first clip of Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs movie “totally wrong” (Vanity Fair).
Dessert – What it was like to be a child of the 90s.

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