26 GIFs That Underline Jim Harbaugh's Craziness

On Sunday, the Harbaughs will make history by becoming the first brothers to ever coach against one another in the Super Bowl.

However, if you're wondering who will win the Super Bowl, that answer is abundantly clear.

While both teams have their merits, only one coach has the unstoppable intensity of a true Super Bowl champion.

That's right folks. It's going to be the Niners' ball game for one reason, and one reason only. Jim Harbaugh.

The man's intensity permeates everything he does.

From wiping his nose...

To pumping up his players through the ancient art of transferring intensity through the body.

But Jim Harbaugh isn't all intensity all the time.

Just kidding. Nobody messes with Jim Harbaugh.

Sometimes, people forget that, and think they can pull one over on him.

But woe unto those who think that, for they invite the fury.

People might mistake certain emotions from Jim as confusion...

Or disbelief...

But Jim only has one emotion. Intensity.

Whether its celebrating intensely...

Dancing intensely...

Signaling intensely...

Or intensely telling the refs what he thinks...

Jim only does one thing: intensity.



So on Sunday, Jim Harbaugh's 49ers will do what they do. Score points...

Dance on the sidelines...

And celebrate their Super Bowl victory!

Sorry Ray Ray.

And when the Niners hoist the Lombardi trophy, it won't be thanks to this guy...

But this guy.

So while the Harbaughs will remain brothers...

There will be only one champion.

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