How Much Snow Will New York City Get? NYC Weather Forecasts Over 1 Foot

When it comes to expected snowfall in the New York City area, weather experts are already reaching a consensus about how much New Yorkers are in for when the storm hits: and it will be epic.

"Historic" February snowfalls are expected, with the biggest accumulations estimated around Boston. New York City, though, is now expected to receive upwards of 18 inches of snow.

New York Meterologist Eric Holthaus and weather expert Harry Enten at the Guardian in New York City tweeted this out: 


These snowfall projections will bring transportation to a halt. A travel ban is already in effect in Massachusetts.

Nearly 4,500 flights have been canceled since Thursday in the United States, with most of those coming at airports affected by the storm.

Here's what we know so far: 

- The storm is scheduled to hit during the day on Friday and last through Saturday morning. The remnants of the storm will be out of the Northeast by early afternoon on Saturday. 

- Eastern New England, including Hartford, Connecticut eastward to Boston, Massachusetts is likely to receive 12-24 inches of snow.

- There is still the possibility of more higher snow amounts in New York City and parts southern and central New England. Some models indicate 18+ inches in New York City. 

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