Valentine's Day 2013: The Scary Hidden Truth About the Chocolate You're Eating

1. What 'EuroTrip' Can Teach Us About Electing a New Pope (Liam Boylan-Pett) – The pope is resigning, leaving open the door for a new one. Should we look to 2004 comedy 'EuroTrip' for how the next pope will be elected?

2. 16 Reasons Why Pope Benedict XVI is Actually Resigning (Michael Luciano) – Although the Pope is citing age as a factor, here are 16 far more plausible explanations.

3. 5 Companies Just As Anti-Gay As the Boy Scouts Of America (Frank Hagler) – The Boy Scouts of America has delayed its vote to repeal the ban on gay members until May – but they're not the only organization holding back gay rights. 

4. The Dark Side Of Chocolate: Exploiting Child Labor For Cheap Treats (Sylvia Camaj) – Tons of chocolate will be purchased and consumed on Valentine's Day, but most of the holiday's hot commodities are not made with love.

5. Remember "Hey There Delilah"? Interview With the Real Delilah, 5 Years After the Song's Grammy Nomination (Liam Boylan-Pett) – Five years ago, Delilah DiCrescenzo of "Hey There Delilah" went to the Grammy's with the Plain White T's. Here, she gives us an exclusive perspective of music's biggest night. 

6. Why Egypt's YouTube Ban Might Actually Strengthen Its Democracy (Areej Elahi-Siddiqui) – The Egyptian government has banned YouTube for broadcasting a film that inspired riots across North Africa and the Middle East. Is this a step backwards for democracy?

7. Why Every Liberal Should Be Ashamed of President Obama's Foreign Policy (Areej Elahi-Siddiqui) – Obama has proven to be worse than most neocons – and far worse than his predecessor Bush – when it comes to national security and foreign policy.

8. Marco Rubio: Public Enemy No. 1 For Republicans (Derek Miles) – Marco Rubio's recent title of "Republican savior" may be a curse for the young senator. With what looks like a crowded GOP field for the 2016 election, Rubio now has a target on his back.

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