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Will Anonymous Retaliate For Christopher Dorner's Manhunt?

Hacktivist group Anonymous engaged its more than 883,000 Twitter followers during Tuesday's showdown between the LAPD and former cop Christopher Dorner, who allegedly died after the encounter (though his alleged body hasn't been identified yet). Anonymous seemed to defend the man who went on a vendetta-fueled rampage claiming he'd been victim of racism and corruption during his firing from the police department after denouncing a fellow cop who allegedly used excessive force against an already handcuffed prisoner. According to VICE, Anonymous has previously come to the defense of "whistle blowers" (like Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked information from the military to WikiLeaks; Aaron Swartz, the co-founder of Reddit who leaked academic documents and Barett Brown, who is facing 100 years in prison and did detailed research into the inner workings of American security firms). Will the hacktivist group — which reportedly threatened to hack the webcast of the State of the Union address — carry out retaliation against the LAPD for its treatment of Dorner? It remains to be seen.


Is Chris Dorner Still On the Loose? Tight Security at Slain Officer's Funeral Suggests So

Is ex LAPD officer gone bad Christopher Dorner still on the loose? Though authorities claim the charred body found in the burnt down cabin in Big Bear, California, is that of the former cop, they still haven't confirmed the information. And the strict security at officer Michael Crain's funeral — allegedly killed by Dorner (or the person that matched his description) during Tuesday's standoff — suggests that authorities might still fear Dorner could suddenly come out of nowhere and continue to execute his promise of waging war against the LAPD. To be fair, since both Governor Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said they'd be attending the funeral security is bound to be strict. However, the longer authorities take to identify Dorner's body (or admit he, indeed, continues on the loose) the more conspiracy theories will be formed online.  



Christopher Dorner's Manifesto: Chris Dorner 2.0 Surfaces

Joe Jones, a former LAPD officer has come out in support of Christopher Dorner, the fugitive ex-LA cop who declared "war" against the LAPD. "The 1st thing I would say to [Dorner] is, I feel your pains!," Joe Jones wrote in his own manifesto — reportedly circulated by hacker group Anonymous and posted to Jones' Facebook (from where it was subsequently deleted). "But you are going about this the wrong way. To take innocent lives could never be the answer to anything. I say this as a Man who experienced the same pain, betrayal, anger, suffering, litigation and agony that you did in many ways."

Jones, 48, who was a patrol officer for nine years and retired in 1998, expressed his condolences for Donner's victims but also said he's been a victim of such corruption. "I need you to first assume that I would not surface 16 years later with lies about a situation that has me with PTSD to this very day," he wrote. "The pain forces me to speak as I have yet to shake the Ill's of my experience as an LAPD Officer."


Former FBI Calls Chris Dorner a Coward

Former FBI agent and threat assessment expert Steve Moore called former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner a coward after the 6-hour standoff that ended with Dorner presumably dead in a Big Bear, California, cabin (though the body has not yet been identified). "Killing the unarmed daughter of a police officer with whom you have differences, that's the coward's way out," said Moore who also added that if it's true that Dorner killed himself then this would confirm his theory that Christopher Dorner is actually a coward.  

Christopher Dorner's Body, Wallet and Driver License

A wallet with a California driver's license with the name Christopher Dorner was found in the rubble of a cabin, an official told The Associated Press. A charred body was also found inside and police believe the remains are those of the former LAPD police officer, who went on a revenge-fueled killing spree after being fired from his job supposedly because of corruption and racism. The body has not yet been identified but authorities claim the suspect never left the cabin while it was burning.  

Christopher Dorner Firefight Video

Footage of the former fugitive LA cop Christopher Dorner's Tuesday shootout and firefight with police in Big Bear, California, has been tweeted out by Global Grind via Now This News. Dorner, who went on a vendetta-fueled killing spree after claiming on an online manifesto that he'd been fired from the LAPD because of corruption and racism, is said to have broken into a cabin and held two women as hostages at least from Thursday. Contradicting media reports then suggested Dorner — or the person who matched his description — had fled after stealing a car, or barricaded himself in a neighboring cabin. Authorities subsequently said they recovered the human remains "believed to belong" but declined to confirm it. Currently, investigators are working on identifying the body as Dorner's. 

Chris Dorner Not Dead? Authorities Say Body Not Recovered

An LAPD spokesman said that Christopher Dorner's body has not been recovered by San Bernardino police officers, debunking media reports that Dorner is dead and his body has been found by authorities.

The cabin is apparently too hot for police officials to enter and search, said the LAPD spokesman. Therefore, it is impossible for authorities to confirm whether anyone was, in fact, trapped within the cabin, or whether the body theorized to be within is Dorner's.

That didn't stop ABC from prematurely reporting that Dorner's body was found and identified:

We're as guilty as anyone of reporting this story verbatim, though ABC, CNN and the other major networks should have done their fact-checking. Currently, it is believed that a police officer told reporters that the body was already located.

Dorner is still most likely dead and in the building, reports ABC, drawing on the apparently relaxed stance taken by police following the destruction of the cabin.


Dorner Body Found: It's Over

Christopher Dorner is confirmed dead, according to authorities.

After a dramatic and terrifying standoff with authorities which resulted in one dead and one wounded San Bernardino sheriff's deputies, Dorner was cornered in a wooden cabin which burnt to the ground around him, ammunition exploding and tear gas flooding through windows.

A police source confirmed that Dorner is dead following the showdown. A single gunshot had been heard when tear gas was launched inside the house, suspected to be Dorner committing suicide, said police.

Dorner Dead: Sources Confirm Chris Dorner Almost Certainly Dead In Big Bear Cabin Fire (Details Here)

Christopher Dorner, the rogue ex-cop who has been waging a one-man war on the LAPD and California police for the past week, almost certainly perished in the blaze that consumed a Big Bear Lake cabin following a shootout with authorities.

Here's the details of what we know about Dorner's final hours:

- Authorities believe Christopher Dorner retreated to the cabin after being tracked by police to the area. A SWAT team approached the building and filled it with tear gas, which may have started the fire. Ammunition could be heard exploding in the building, which burned for two hours. Although there was a basement in the cabin, it seems unlikely it could afford enough protection for Dorner to survive.

- Reports of Dorner's death seem confirmed by the approach of civilian fire department vehicles to extinguish the fire, which would not be allowed if Dorner still posed a lethal threat.

- One deputy sheriff was killed today and another is wounded after exchanging gunfire with Dorner after he was spotted by Fish & Game wardens, say authorities. Neither deputy has been named, although an audio tape of the shootout was captured by CBS's Carter Evans.

- LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says the city's "hearts and prayers" are with the family of the deputy shot and killed today. "None of us can imagine" what the families threatened by Dorner "have had to go through," said the mayor in a press conference.

- Dorner allegedly tied up two female occupants of another cabin before stealing their car on Thursday. The victims called police after escaping, starting the localized manhunt which led to his probable death on Tuesday.

Watch: Chris Dorner Shootout Caught on Live Footage By CBS Reporter

The shootout which preceded ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner's retreat into a Big Bear Lake cabin which later burnt down was caught on tape by a CBS reporter, in a chilling audio segment in which dozens of gunshots and screaming can be heard.

One officer was killed and another severely wounded in the exchange of gunfire, which ultimately resulted in Dorner's temporary escape - into a wooden cabin which was set on fire, perhaps by heavy deployment of tear gas by the authorities. Ultimately, Dorner is suspected to have perished in that incident.

Meanwhile, the footage captured by CBS reporter Carter Evans shows some of the final standoff between Dorner and authorities. Bullets could be heard flying through the air as Evans announced that "We are right in the center of the action here."

"Hey, get the fuck out of here, pal," an officer yelled.

Anchor Sandra Mitchell attempted to determine whether Evans was alive. "Carter, are you there?" she said on-air.

"Down! Keep it down!" an unidentified voice could be heard screaming.

Evans survived, and later said that the incident was like being caught "in a warzone."

"We did not know what we were rolling up on ... We just knew we were following some of the search team, and we jumped out of our vehicles to get down," Evans commented.

He noted that 20 feet in front of him, he could see a rifle, ammunition, assault weapon, and bulletproof vest stripped from one of the downed officers.


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Christopher Dorner Manifesto, Shootout and Body Remains LIVE Updates

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced that authorities in California are offering a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Christopher Dorner, the former LA police officer accused of shooting dead the daughter of a retired police captain — who represented him at a tribunal when he was fired from the LAPD — along with other two victims (Dorner has vowed revenge against several former LAPD colleagues whom he blames for ending his career).

The reward, raised from private donations, police unions, businesses and city and county governments, marks the largest sum ever offered in Southern California in a criminal investigation — while SWAT teams continued to look for 33-year-old fugitive (after his burnt out pick up truck was found Thursday).