This 4 Second GIF is the Single Greatest Moment Of Obama's State Of the Union

Yeah, the 2013 State of the Union was mostly a snooze fest.  

We can tease out all the policy points we want from it (and there were some important take-aways), but for the most part, Obama's first State of the Union of his second term was the same old rhetorical blahblahblah the American electorate has heard over and over and over and over and over again over the course of the last few months. 

But there is a moment EVERYONE has to see.

This is Obama doing a fist bump — AN EXPLODING FIST BUMP — with Sen. Mark Kirk (R - Ill.), who had a stroke in 2012. This was after the president's arrival and before his speech. Oh, and not just an exploding fist bump, an exploding fist bump with a Republican.

Welcome to Obama's America.

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