PolicyMic Sex, Gender, Race & Social Justice Writers Happy Hour!

From taking on gender politics and libertarianism to disputes over climate change to bizarre social commentary on immigration reform to current battles over gay rights in the Supreme Court, PolicyMic's social justice, gender, sex, and sexuality content has only been growing over the past few months. (Don't worry: If you've been itching to share your opinion on these topics, but haven't yet had a chance, PolicyMic is currently recruiting new writers.)

And what better week to celebrate and show our love for our writers than the week of One Billlion Rising? ... Er, I mean, Valentine's Day. 

PolicyMic is hosting a happy hour for all of our NYC-area writers interested in meeting up to talk shop, talk politics, or just talk! Snacks and drinks will be provided, courtesy of Seamless.

Valentine's Day PolicyMic Happy Hour

Where: The PolicyMic office — 35 W. 36th St., 9W

When: Tomorrow, Friday February 15th, at 7 p.m. EST

Who: You, and any of your awesome millennial writer friends!

Why: To share the love, and meet your fellow writers!

To RSVP, please email editor Sam Meier (sam@policymic.com).

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