Next Asteroid: Scientists Prepare for Next Major Asteroid to Hit Earth

After an eventful week in which a meteor streaked across the Siberian sky on the same day that as asteroid known as 2012 DA14 came close to hitting the Earth, scientists are hard at working trying to detect future solar incidents that have the potential to inflict damage on world cities.

Scientsts are hoping to develop better early warning detection systems by setting up an infrared telescope that will be able to detect potentially dangerous meteorites. One nonprofit, called the B612 Foundation, will set up a system to monitor meteorites that orbit between Mars and Jupiter. They will deploy a telescope in 2018 to discover harmful asteroids.

Scientists are also designing ways to knock off incoming asteroids off course, a way to avoid a major asteroid impact. The meteor which fell on Russia and harmed more than 1,000 people was severe, but not nearly as much as would be an asteroid strike on Earth.

There are 500,000 asteroids near Earth which are about the same size as 2012 DA14, and less than 1 percent have been discovered. 2012 DA14 was the closest known object of its size to fly near the Earth, coming within 17K miles.

According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, if it were to have hit earth, it would have created a crater larger than Monaco.

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