PS4 Gaikai: Playstation Uses Cloud Gaming Technology

During its PlayStation 4 announcement on Wednesday, Sony revealed that users will be able play downloadable games before they are finished downloading, which is cool.

PS4 can also download games in the background, even with the power off. 

The next is immediacy — the system has a low-power state and auto saves games. You just hit the power button and start playing again.

"The next design task was the larger experience." Five key goals, the first is simplicity.

PS4 will utilize a cloud computing system ... so far the first major gaming platform to do so. The cloud computing will utilize Gaikai streaming technology. 

Gaikai was a tiny, optimistic company throwing everything at the wall, desperate to find a use for its cloud gaming technology. Today, those dreams have been fulfilled: Gaikai's David Perry walked out on stage at Sony's PlayStation 4 event, confirming that the new PlayStation 4 will use that tech to stream games over the internet, with no need for discs or downloads.

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