Obama Jedi Mind Meld Comment: President Gets Weird In Answering Sequester Questions

President Obama, can you please tell me what you're talking about?

Obama, in a special White House press conference, said he can't do more to reach a sequester solution ... not even using "a jedi mind-meld" to help Congress come to an agreement. 

Here are wild moments from his Friday press conference:

Reporter: [Couldn't you have done more to stop the sequester?]

Obama: “Give me an example of what I might do ... I’ve offered a plan … offered negotiations around a balanced approach ….

“What more do you think I can do … [gesturing to the room full of media] if people have a solution, I’m happy to consider it … this is a room full of smart people.”

Reporter: "Couldn’t you just have them [at the White House] and lock the door until you reach a solution?"

“I am not a dictator, I am the president of the United States. Most people agree I’m presenting a fair deal ... “Some people think I should just do a Jedi mind meld to convince them … all these people were elected and have duties … ultimate, it’s a choice they make … What I can do is make the best possible argument.”


In his press conference, Obama said he wanted to avoid giving the American people more “gobbly gook” on the sequester, but he only provided a long, monotone ramble about the sequester, sounding robotic, uninspired, and well, gobbly gooky.

The press conference came after congressional leaders were invited to the White House on Friday morning – the day forced spending cuts are scheduled to start taking effect. President Obama used the meeting to discuss ways to limit or even avoid the sequester ... and of course came to no agreement with congressional leaders.

In yet another sign of theineptitude of our current government, the White House meeting was too little, too late to fix the self-made sequester that will likely cut American jobs and could negatively imapct economic growth. On Friday, both sides blamed the other for not reaching a deal. This was the first extended meeting Obama spent with congressional leaders this week. 

Obama was on Capitol Hill Wednesday for a Rosa Parks statue unveiling, and he did meet with congressional leaders briefly ... a minute-long meeting. According to an Obama administration official, the president discussed the forced spending cuts and said that during their pending White House meeting on Friday they need to be "ready to talk solutions."

Is this for real? 

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