In North Korea's Version Of Basketball, Dunks Count As 3-Points and Missed Free Throws are -1 Points

A critical moment in the whole Dennis Rodman-goes-to-North-Korea, calls-Kim-Jong-Un-a-friend spiel that played out last week was when Rodman and Supreme Leader Kim sat and watched a basketball game. 

Sure, they look happy as can be in this picture, while watching an exhibition game in the capital of Pyongyang ...

... but one thing that nobody really picked up one was they weren't watching basketball as we know it. 

No. Rather, Rodman and Kim watched what North Korea CONSIDERS basketball. 

There are few details about the game they watched, only that it ended — in typical communist fashion — in a 110-110 tie

In their own twisted little way, the North Koreans have reportedly re-jiggered the whole game, something that the U-T San Diego noticed back in 2006 (h/t Foreign Policy and Slate):

... in North Korea, where basketball, with little contact with the outside world, has evolved like the tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. Chinese media have reported that the country even developed its own scoring system, with three points for a dunk, four points for a 3-pointer that does not touch the rim and eight points for a basket scored in the final three seconds. Miss a free throw, and it's minus one.

I wonder what the North Kroean version of March Madness looks like ....

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