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March Madness 2013: LIVE Updates, Predictions, Brackets, and Commentary

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Rick Pitino Freaks Out As Fireworks Explode Over Him


Louisville Wins Championship, Rick Pitino is Now a Legend

Only hours after the announcement that he had been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino became the first coach in NCAA history to win a national championship with two colleges. His Louisville Cardinals defeated Michigan 82-76 at the Georgia Dome, an epic game that saw the Cards come back from a 12-point halftime deficit.

Louisville turned up the pressure on defense, kept up their hot shooting on offense and did just enough to put away Michigan down the stretch.

Michigan led the top-seeded Cardinals 33-21 in the first half. The Cardinals recovered to lead 71-64 with 4:34 remaining — a 19-point turnaround they never looked back on.

Luke Hancock started the comeback with 16 points in the first half, including four straight 3-pointers.

Pitino last won a championship at (Louisville rival) Kentucky in 1996. 

Luke Hancock: Louisville's Answer to Spike Albrecht

Freshman came-out-of-nowhere-phenom Spike Albrecht lit Louisville up in the first half, drowning four 3-pointers to notch 17 points and put the Wolverines up by 12 with 2 minutes left in the half. Wow.

Louisville looked broken, stunned, disjointed, depressed, deflated ... until Luke Hancock stepped up. 

Hancock drained four consecutive 3-pointers to erase that 12-point Michigan lead. Suddenly the Cards were back in it. At halftime, the Cadinals were down just 38-37. Hancock has 16 points.

Hancock, a junior, transferred from George Mason in 2011 and was named a team captain before he ever played a game for Louisville. He's been a clutch player for the Cards throughout the tournament, including his leadership and expert play to bring Louisville back from a similar deficit in the Final Four against Wichita State (a 20-point performance).

Looks like we got ourselves a basketball game.

Montrezl Harrell: Monster Dunk Defies Physics

How did this not shatter the backboard? Freshmen Montrezl Harrell makes a gigantic alley-oop. Harrell plays forward for the Cards. Definitely a highlight of the first-half and will likely be a highlight from the entire game. 


Spike Albrecht: Michigan's Unlikely NCAA Championship Star

With Michigan star Trey Burke on the bench with two fouls in the first half, Michigan has had to rely on an unlikely hero: Spike Albrecht.

Albrecht is a freshman who played in all 35 games off the bench. In the 10 minutes he played in the national championship, though, Albrecht hit four 3-pointers and notched 15 points (and counting, as of this writing). His only miss came off of a free throw.

Who is this guy? Albrecht is under 6' tall, Trey Burke's backup at the point, and (while he has played in all 37 games) averages only 7.7 minutes and just 1.6 points.

Welcome to the big stage, Spike.

Here's Spike in the Great 8 game, making Florida look silly.

Will Chris Webber Be At the 2013 NCAA Championship?

Picture Credit: NYDailyNews

Update: Yes, Chris Weber is at the game, decked out in Michigan gear.

Everyone is waiting to see if Michigan's Fab-Five will be reunite as the Wolverines take on the Cardinals in the NCAA title game happening Monday night over on CBS. Four out of the five plan to be there. Jalen Rose made a plea to Webber on ESPN's Grantland.

They fab-five of course refers to the five freshmen of the 1991 Michigan men's basketball team. Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson and Chris Webber made up the team that captivated a nation. Webber was embroiled in a 2002 controversy involving Michigan's booster club. The scandal caused Michigan to vacate the entire 1992-1993 season. 

Webbers presence there would be a huge boost to the Michigan team as it tries to bring home its first National title in 24 years. 


National Championship 2013 Live Stream: Watch NCAA Title Game Online

In addition to being informative, I prefer to take advantage of any opportunity to drop some GIF bombs on you. 

So, hold onto to your chairs and get ready to use all of your comapny's bandwidth.

What time is the game on: 9:23pm EST that's the official time. Even Harry Potter here knows what time the game is on by now.

What channel? CBS. If you forget that, you'll end up like this North Carolina fan.

You don't want to miss this game do you?

I didn't think so. So if you don't have a TV here's what you do. Get on your best suit and get to a computer or go on your mobile / tablet device. 

 March Madness Live will stream the games on your computer and it is free. 

The NCAA March Madness App  is also free and is optimize for your tablet or mobile fun-time contraption. 

So get ready. It's on tonight in Georgia between Michigan and Louisville.

And finally, don't forget to break out your finest hand puppet.



Will Kevin Ware Cut Down the Nets If Louisville Wins?

If Louisville wins, as the Las Vegas bookies have predicted, will Kevin Ware get the honor of cutting down the nets? 

His number 5 jersey will be noticeably absent in the title game that's scheduled to get underway tonight at 9:23pm EST on CBS. His gruesome injury while playing in the Elite Eight game against Duke garnered him national support. Ware's likability has made Cards the sentimental favorites ahead of Monday night's game. 

Here are some clips of Kevin Ware showing what it means to be gracious:

And what it means to take everything in stride:

Hopefully we will get to find out the answer to this question later on tonight.

Here's some reminders for where you can watch the final game: Live Stream It here, March Madness Live or download the NCAA March Madness App  for your tablet or mobile device.

PolicyMic will be live-blogging all night so make sure to check back often!

What Suit Will Rick Pitino Wear?

Pitino has three options ahead of Monday evening's title game, which one do you think he will choose?

1. The Colonel Sanders.

2. The Red Menace. 

3. The Scarface.

Make sure you tune in to Monday's game to find out which suit he will choose.

Time: 9:23pm EST on CBS

Live StreamMarch Madness Live or NCAA March Madness App  

Take us home guys:


NCAA National Championship 2013 Predictions: Odds Favor Louisville

Picture Credit: news fury

The odds favor the Louisville Cardinals in Monday's men's basketball title game that pits the Cards against the Wolverines. The trends have been with the Cardinals all along and though Michigan is going to put up one hell of a fight, it's still probable that the Cardinals will edge them out in points. 

OddsShark has the Cardinals at a 4 point advantage over the Wolverines. Whenever the odds place Louisville within 4 points, they tend to win. As has been the case in the last eight consecutive games. Despite this, 54% of the early betting on Monday has been in favor of Michigan. 

There's a huge reason not to pick Michigan in this case and its the big d-word. Michigan's defense just might not be up to the task of preventing Louisville from scoring. So while the game tonight will be a close one, it is really Michigan's defense that will likely prevent the team from clenching victory. The Cardinals explosive nature and dominance all over the court enables them to win Monday's title game in a variety of ways. Michigan just has fewer paths to victory.

Mitch McGary alone can't bring the Wolverines to victory, even if he can make no-look passes.


Game Time: 9:23pm EST on CBS 

Live Stream It: March Madness Live or NCAA March Madness App 



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March Madness 2013: LIVE Updates, Predictions, Brackets, and Commentary

On March 9 at noon EST on ESPN2, the Atlantic Sun Conference will host its championship game. The winner will not only win the Atlantic Sun, but also earn an automatic bid as one of the 68 teams invited to the NCAA Tournament, or, as so many people lovingly refer to it: March Madness.

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