How Much Snow Will Boston Get? Boston Weather Forecast Doesn't Predict Huge Storm

Winter storm Saturn won't hit Boston until Thursday, so it's hard to tell the impacts that far out.

"At this time, the rain/snow line is very difficult to predict. Expect rain, heavy at times, in southeastern Massachusetts," StormTeam 5 meteorologist JC Monahan said. But right now, AccuWeather is predicting 3-12 inches for Boston, far more than New York City to the south will see:

If the snow does fall, it sounds like it could cause power outages. "If the precipitation makes it into central Mass./southern New Hampshire, and that's uncertain at this time, it will be a heavy, wet snow," adds Monahan. It also sounds like the shores will see some erosion.

Accumulations will increase as you move west of the coastline.

Other sites aren't predicting a huge snow storm, though. Boston.com reports: Around Boston, the precipitation will be rain for much of the storm. When the rain comes down hard enough, it can bring cold air down from above and change the rain to snow. When this happens,some slush could accumulate but then melt several hours later. If Boston is going to get any slushy accumulation it will happen Thursday evening and overnight. [We] still don't see this as a big snowstorm for cities and towns within about 30 miles of the coastline.

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