One America News Network: Fox News Competitor Hits Air in July

Starting July 4, Fox News will have some competition as the leading American conservative network in the form of One America News Network. One America is a product of Herring Broadcasting, Inc., which also produces WealthTV, and the Washington Times. Though owned by a San Diego-based broadcaster, One America will be headquartered in Washington, D.C. in the Washington Times building.

One America intends to provide the unbiased 24-hour American and international news coverage for those with “self-described independent, conservative and libertarian values,” who the producers feel are currently underserved. Said President of Herring Broadcasting, Charles Herring when discussing the new network at CPAC, “It is getting really hard to find just the reliable, credible, fact-based news with substance.” He also expressed concern for the libertarian and conservative voices ignored in the current political climate. 

Though Herring does not consider Fox sufficiently conservative — calling it “center-right” — he does not see his network competing with Fox News. Instead, he argues that One America is making up for the fact the Fox is the only conservative option. Furthermore, he alleges that MSNBC is far more liberal than Fox is conservative.

The main distinction One America is eager to make is that it will be presenting fact-based news, not “blurr[ing] the line between delivering the news and information and delivering the personal views of the host.” Instead, Herring proposes that even the opinions interspersed in the informational programming will be more sedately expressed, without shouting or trick questions. The focus will be on why people hold their positions.

In addition to drawing on the journalistic talent of the Washington Times, One America News will have its own pundits and show hosts. Three headliners have already been announced. It will host Dr. Gina Loudon, a previous contributor to Fox News, The New York Times, and CPAC Radio, and one of the “100 Founding Members” of the Tea Party.  Her show has been endorsed by Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. She will focus on the psychology behind contemporary politics.

Rick Amato, political commentator and former contributor to the Washington Times, will host a show on top news stories. His previous show, Amato Talk, has received endorsements from Barry Goldwater Jr. and John Solomon. He will focus on the “gap between mainstream America and the political class,” capitalism, grassroots politics, and veterans' affairs. Graham Ledger, a San Diego native, will provide constitutional analysis of current issues. He has previously won two Emmys and two Golden Microphone awards.

With the rise of a new conservative media team, Republican and Libertarian voters will have the option of a center-right or "true" conservative message, and an emotional debate or a sober reflection on the roots of political belief. Liberal and independent voters will see, then, which perspective prevails. How Fox News responds to the challenge and how this new voice will shape the debate remains to be seen. Come Independence Day, One America could be a game changer. 

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