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South Carolina Election Results: LIVE Primary Results

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Mark Sanford and Curtis Bostic Will Likely Face One Another in Run Off Election

With nearly all precincts reporting, Curtis Bostic has eked out ahead of Republican candidate Larry Grooms, and will probably face Mark Sanford in an April 2 runoff election. Bostic and Grooms are still in a close race for second place; Bostic has 7,036 votes to Grooms, 6,614 votes. A recount is automatically required if the second and third places finishers are separated by less than one percent according to South Carolina Law. 

Curtis Bostic has closely aligned himself with the Tea Party. Bostic doesn't have the support of large financial donors and has been focusing his efforts on courting religious voters. Mark Sanford made a strong showing in the polls taking home over 35 percent of the vote. He will face many more questions regarding his personal life in the run off election which may damage him politically as more voters pay attention. If tonight's results are any indication though, voters may be more willing to look beyond past indiscretions. 

Only 15 percent of registered voters turned out to vote in the Special Election. With the April run off only a few weeks away, candidates will have little time to retool their campaigns. They will have to dedicate the majority of their efforts to consolidating the vote.

The packed Republican primary damaged the Republican brand in South Carolina more than it has helped them. This problem will become increasingly apparent come the general election on May 7 where the candidate will face off against Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Busch easily won against her opponent Ben Frasier. 

Final election results below: 


Meet The Men Who Could Oppose Mark Sanford In April Run Off

Politico has already declared that Mark Sanford will take on one Republican challenger in a run off election scheduled on April 2. There are two possible candidates who he may face, who exactly are they? 

Larry Grooms is a self-identified fiscal conservative. He currently serves South Carolina's 37th congressional district in the state senate. First elected in the 1997, this is his first national Congressional campaign. He has run on his campaign espousing the virtues of limited government and personal responsibility, he calls himself a "real" fiscal conservative dedicated to changing the ways of Washington. 

Curtis Bostic is the second favorite behind Mark Sanford. He is a former Charleston County Council-member. Bostic has campaigned against Washington spending, if elected, he says that his first job will be to end Washington's wasteful ways. He also hopes to bolster the voice of Republicans in the House of Representatives, “I would use my vote to influence more conservative spending habits and strengthen the ranks of like-minded people in the House.”

Mark Sanford's challenger has not yet been announced, though almost 100% of precincts are now reporting. Grooms and Bostic are in a very close race for second place with only a few hundred votes separating the two candidates.

Mark Sanford Will Definitely Be In Run Off Election

Mark Sanford will face a Republican challenger in the upcoming April 2 run off election according to Politico. The run off will determine the Republican candidate who will face off against the Democratic candidate, Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Sanford currently has over 13,000 votes, and around 36 percent of the total vote. It is not yet clear who the other Republican challenger will be. 

Stephen Colbert is Probably Pumped

He had this to say about his sister running for Congress...

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Wins Democratic Primary in South Carolina Special Election

Elizabeth Colbert Busch has won the Democratic primary in the South Carolina special election. With almost 60 percent of the vote in, she has ... 95 percent.

Busch, the sister of Stephen Colbert, had only one challenger in a narrow Democratic field of only two candidates. The Repulican contest is still open but former governor Mark Sanford has a plurality of votes. 

It's an unlikely cast of characters. Many of the candidates have poured significant amounts of their own money into the campaing and outside donors, like the Koch brothers, have also gotten involved. 


South Carolina Election Results: Elizabeth Colbert Busch Wins Democratic Primary

Politico is projecting that Elizabeth Colbert Busch will win the Democratic primary in South Carolina's first congressional district. 56 percent of precincts are reporting and Busch has received over 95 percent of the vote. 

Mark Sanford is leading the field of Republican candidates with over 35 percent of the vote. 

South Carolina Election Results: Mark Sanford Besting Vast Field of Republican Candidates

Mark Sanford apparently has some serious political swagger. Almost fifty percent of precincts are now reporting and he has over 8,500 votes. Mark Sanford's ability to come back into politics after he disgraced himself shows that at the end of the day, name recognition might matter more to voters than marriage fidelity. 

Sanford leads the Republican field of candidates by around 5,000 votes. He has around 35% of the vote but is still shy of the 50% majority necessary to avoid a run off election. 

Mark Sanford, proof that you can come home again and you can even ask your ex-wife, who you cheated on, to run your political campaign. 

South Carolina Election Results: Colbert's Sister Likely To Win Democratic Primary

Prior to Tuesday's election, Elizabeth Colbert Busch was expected to do well, and tonight she is living up to those expectations. With just less than twenty percent of precincts reporting, she is winning handily against her challenger, with some 96% of the vote going to her. 

She leads her her opponent Ben Frasier by over 3400 votes. This much of a lead this early in the evening will make it extremely difficult for Frasier to close the gap, especially as this election is not expected to have brought many voters to the polls. 

Her Republican challenger will likely not be known until after an April 2 run off as none of the 16 Republican candidates are expected to win a majority of tonight's vote. 

Elizabeth Colbert Busch isn't the comedian her brother his, her political ads are often serious in tone. Whoever her Republican challenger is, they can expect a serious fight. 


South Carolina Special Election Results: Can Mark Sanford Avoid a Runoff?

Tuesday may not be the last of it. To secure the nomination, any candidate has to get more than 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff, but a crowded field of 16 candidates on the Repulican side will make that difficult. 

For the GOP, the expected winner is former governor Mark Sanford, and as of now, he is out in front with 37 percent of the vote (with almost nine percent of precincts reporting). Lawrence Grooms, a Repulican state senator (19 percent) and Curtis Bosic (16 percent), are expectedly siphoning some of his potential support.

The special election is the third step in a game of musical chairs. When former senator Jim DeMint retired to take a position at the Heritage Foundation, Governor Nikki Haley appointed then-representative Tim Scott to the senate, and this special election primary is to fill his seat in the house of representatives.

"[Tim Scott's] shown courage, when he helped us with the fight against the National Labor Relations Board and the unions that tried to take Boeing down.... He has shown it with his fiscal representation, int htat fact that knows the value of a dollar," said Haley.


South Carolina Election Results: Low Turnout = Wild Night

Former governor Mark Sanford must have known that tonight wasn't going to be easy for him. With less than 5 percent of precincts reporting, he is in a close race with at least two other Republican candidates. 

Sanford currently has 1,617 votes. Right behind him, however, are candidates Larry Grooms and Curtis Bostic. Grooms has 1,184 votes and Bostic has 596. 

Low voter turnout will likely mean that no Republican candidate will receive more than the required 50 percent of the vote. The Democratic candidate expected to advance is Stephen Colbert's sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch. There are only two Democratic candidates vying for a spot in the Special Election. 


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South Carolina Election Results: LIVE Primary Results

There's been some shuffling of late in South Carolina politics where a special election is slated for Tuesday, March 19. 

When Senator Jim DeMint retired, Governor Nikki Haley appointed then-representative Tim Scott to replace him in the Senate, triggering a special election for his house seat. All the above are Republicans and the likely winner of the special election will be too, meaning the Republican primary is the race to watch.

There are a slew of famous candidates in the race. The front runner is Mark Sanford, who famously absconded to the "Appalachians," when in fact he was visiting his mistress in Latin America, and in the ensuing controversy forced him out of the governor's office.

Sanford is one of 16 candidates in a crowded field. Other contendors include Stephen Colbert's sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch (on the Democratic side), and Ted Turner's son, Teddy Turner. 

The Republican primary might head into a runoff, if Sanford cannot secure 50% of the vote tonight. We'll be brining you live updates and election results as they come in!