What Should PolicyMic's New Year's Resolutions Be?

Since PolicyMic’s launch in June 2011, our first half-year has been very exciting. In everything we do, we believe in amplifying excellent unheard voices. We believe in the power of a thoughtful community to control the media. Because of our amazing community, we have proven that our generation wants to participate in thoughtful debate. You told us that young people are looking for a new more democratic media, a fun place to get informed filled with new voices. You were right. From June to December, PolicyMic articles were read over 2.9 million times, commented on over 50 thousand times, but only given 12 thousand Mics!

In 2012, our goal is to bring PolicyMic to the millions of Americans looking for a more thoughtful news outlet during our elections and engage the millions of millennials who currently don’t stay informed. We want to hear from you, what should our New Year's resolutions be? Give us your thoughts on how to make PolicyMic better:

  1. How can PolicyMic better promote thoughtful and civil debate?
  2. How can PolicyMic engage more millennials in getting informed and caring about politics?
  3. How can PolicyMic maintain its fun community as it grows?
  4. What areas are you personally interested in?
  5. Who would be interesting to have as guest writers?
  6. Would face-to-face meetings with other commentators be something you would participate in?
  7. What else could we do better?
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