Why I Support Mitt Romney Over Barack Obama

Mitt Romney is the best candidate for America. Romney’s ability to steer the country into sounder economic waters – stemming from his time as governor of Massachusetts and as a CEO – far surpasses the economic leadership President Barack Obama and his team have shown. The more legal-oriented Obama is not equipped to deal with the rigors of the Great Recession, nor is he able to solve critical issues like unemployment or the nation’s mounting debt problems.

A Romney presidency would be moderate in terms of social issues. He would be able to tackle many of the social problems facing the nation and would not be an overly-conservative president like his Republican predecessor.

In short, with America facing on-going economic hardships including massive national debt, the stretched gap between the lower and upper classes, and 8.5% unemployment, a Romney presidency would prove to be the best thing for the U.S.

1)   It’s the economy, stupid. America’s greatest strength is our robust economy. A strong economy with healthy employment supports a great deal of the freedoms we enjoy. Our economy should be our number one concern. After two good decisions in 2009 (the stimulus and the auto bailout), Obama has shown a complete lack of leadership on economic matters. Trained as a lawyer and organizer, Obama is not equipped to manage our complex economic situation. Yet, what worries me more is that his economic team has not stepped up. When is the last time we heard from our Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner? We need to create 250,000 jobs per month to start chipping away at our unemployment. What is Obama’s plan?

2)   Mitt Romney is a smart, data-driven economic leader. Romney is staking his entire campaign on his ability to fix the economy. He is known for making decisions after having collected a lot of data. He has given advice to companies, he has invested in companies, and he has run companies. The recent portrayal of Bain Capital as the wild west of corporate raiding and leveraged buyouts is completely false. Look at Romney’s track record in Massachusetts (something he has been forced to play down in the primaries) for evidence of his leadership style and ability to get things done. Romney’s priority will be unemployment. If elected, his entire legacy will be determined by his ability to get people back to work. The crisis we face today is real. We need focused leadership. Barack Obama has not provided this since 2009.

3) Don’t worry about Romney’s social conservatism, it’s not real. Romney has spent the last four years catering to early state primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. As a result, he has made a number of worrisome statements against abortion, gay marriage, health care, and global warming. My advice, just ignore these statements. If elected, Romney will probably ignore these statements too. He needed to tote the party line (look what happened to Jon Hunstman when he strayed). But Romney has made it clear that the one issue that matters is the economy. We can count on him not following through on these others. Remember, social conservatism is a fact of life in America. Even Barack Obama does not support gay marriage.

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