Luke Hancock: Louisville's Answer to Spike Albrecht

Freshman came-out-of-nowhere-phenom Spike Albrecht lit Louisville up in the first half, drowning four 3-pointers to notch 17 points and put the Wolverines up by 12 with 2 minutes left in the half. Wow.

Louisville looked broken, stunned, disjointed, depressed, deflated ... until Luke Hancock stepped up. 

Hancock drained four consecutive 3-pointers to erase that 12-point Michigan lead. Suddenly the Cards were back in it. At halftime, the Cadinals were down just 38-37. Hancock has 16 points.

Hancock, a junior, transferred from George Mason in 2011 and was named a team captain before he ever played a game for Louisville. He's been a clutch player for the Cards throughout the tournament, including his leadership and expert play to bring Louisville back from a similar deficit in the Final Four against Wichita State (a 20-point performance).

Looks like we got ourselves a basketball game.

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