Boston Bombing Suspect Hat Logo: Identified As Bridgestone Golf Cap

The FBI is seeking two men who they deem suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. Both men are shown in video footage wearing hats: one black, and one white. 

The black hat (worn by "suspect number 1") has already been "identified" on Reddit as a Bridgestone golf hat.

Bridgestone designs and manufactures a full range of golf clubs and accessories.

Even though they might not have gotten the photos right (they've been very wrong in the past), these internet sleuths could prove to be key, in addition to the people of Boston.

"Suspect number 2" was said to be the one "planting the device," according to the FBI.

Following the FBI's press conference, the Reddit sub-group r/findbostonbomber announced that it will no longer be allowing posts that don't involve the official images posted by the FBI.

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