Watch Ellen Flawlessly Take Down Abercrombie's CEO For Shaming Plus-Size Women

Angry resposnes to Abercombie and Fitch's disgustingly discriminatory policies against plus-size women have been burgeoning all over the internet. Very few were both witty and hilarious ... until now.

0:43: Watch Ellen say: "Oh Fitch, Please."

1:50: "Now they have a size zero, which I don't understand. Zero is nothing," she adds.

2:07: Then Ellen discusses the absurb fact that we now have a size called double zero. "What are we aspiring to? Honey, do these jeans make my butt look invisible?" 

2:17: "Beauty is not between a size 0 and a size 8. It is not a number at all," Ellen says.

Aspiring to be zeroes won't make us heroes. For more on this, follow me on Twitter: @feministabulous

Via: Upworthy

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