Xbox One: You Can Play Games, Surf Internet, and Skype On New Xbox

Xbox One will be the next-gen video game console we've all been waiting for.

Microsoft's next-generation console is finally here. During a special event at the company's Redmond, Washington, headquarters on Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One. Describing it as an all-in-one console, Microsoft's Don Mattrick unveiled the new shaped Xbox controller alongside Xbox hardware that closely resembles a set-top box.

"Xbox on" turns on the hardware to power up an instant-on system with a new Home dashboard that is near-identical to Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system. You're able to use the Xbox to play games, watch live TV, watch videos, surf the internet, and even Skype.

It's all voice-controlled. You can change channels by naming them, you can even just say "What's on HBO" and it will show you.

Wow. Next-gen indeed.

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