Debate the Future of Online Education This Week on PolicyMic

This week, PolicyMic is parterning with Noodle Education and EdTech Women to host a series of conversations with leading educators and education innovators around online education, timed with college graduation.

As college students from around the country graduate this month, we're launching a smart, thoughtful conversation about the powerful ways that new technology is rapidly changing college education. In particular, we're investigating important questions like: How will online education affect the value of a traditional college degree? Will online education be beneficial to communities who traditionally haven’t gone to college? What are the biggest concerns with online education and how will they be resolved?

Noodle Education is an education start-up in New York City started in 2011 which has created the first and only life-long education search engine in the world. The company enables users to find the right school, college, tutor, instruction video, or any other education resource — and it’s free. It was started by a team of leading education innovators from The Princeton Review, 2U, Kaplan, Kumon and Colloquy.

EdTech Women is a close-knit, networked community for women in education technology. The company aims to "accelerate the positive impact of education technology on learners everywhere" by leveraging women's unique influence in the field as thought leaders, practitioners, and entrepreneurs.

We have a number of exciting discussions planned for this week. Barbara Kurshan is the Executive Director of Academic Innovation at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and she co-authored an article with colleague Catherine McManus on how entrepreneurs can have maximum impact when trying to change education. Teacher and innovator Gina Sipley wrote a piece describing why no online education technology can replace the value of amazing teachers. CourseSky founder Ope Bukola wrote an article about MOOCs and whether online courses will help more students stay in school. Next week, we'll hear from more exciting people who are disrupting the field of education!

At the end of the week, we'll summarize the highlights and share them with the PolicyMic community. 

We are excited for you to join the conversation and share your ideas.

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