Ron Paul Nation, Sheldon Adelson, and Everything You Need to Know Today

What You Need to Know Today – The next week might very well be the most important seven days of Mitt Romney's political career. The latest Gallup poll shows that Rick Santorum has expanded his lead over Romney by 36% to 26% among Republicans, even as a clear majority (58%) believe Romney has the best chance to beat Obama. This marks Santorum's biggest lead to date. By next Tuesday during the Michigan primary, Romney will have either won his home state and put an end to the doubters, or unleashed panic by losing to Santorum.

Hot Reads Iran Wants to Start War, Israel Wants to Maintain Peace (Luke Decker)– It’s becoming clearer that Iran will attack Israel preemptively, not the other way around.

Sorry Ron Paul Nation, Time for Ron Paul to Drop Out of the GOP Race – My take on Ron Paul nation. I argue that the Ron Paul campaign should save its time and money in 2012, and instead focus on building a groundswell for 2016. The usual Paul trolls got fired up and hilarity ensues ... 

Do Lego Men Have Freedom of Speech Rights? (Mia Pskowski) – Kinder toys, lego men, and other toys demand fairer elections in Russia, prompting authorities to rule on the rights of free expression for plastic toys.

Millennials' Dilemma: The Generational Divide of Greece's Future (John Giokaris) – While Greece is waiting to see if it has a future in the Eurozone, Greek millennials are left wondering if they have a future at all.

Today's Fun Stories – Sarah Palin's Presidents Day (or Campaign 2012?) video message (BuzzFeed); Is Linsanity over? (ESPN); Pintrest gets political with board devoted to luxury hotels Mitt Romney has stayed in during the campaign (Pintrest).

Holidays to Celebrate – Happy international mother language day; It's also international pancake day.

Today's Must-Reads – Billionaire Sheldon Adelson says he might give up to $100M to Gingrich (Forbes); Campaigns grow more dependent on Super PAC aid (NY Times); Navy SEALS: Obama's secret army (The Daily Beast); DSK questioned about prostitution ring (Vanity Fair); Experts say Iran attack is irrational, but hawks are winning the debate (The Daily Beast).

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