Free Fadi Quran: Palestinian Nonviolent Youth Activist Fadi Quran Arrested and Assaulted by Israeli Army [Updated]

UPDATE X (2/27 9:20 AM)The Atlantic's Robert Wright gives a morning update of Fadi's sitaution: "Fadi Quran ... had his day in court today. It didn't go as well as I had hoped." He received an email from Israeli human rights activist Assaf Sharon, saying: "The hearing was held in the military court in Jerusalem. As usual, the security service presented a secret file to the court, to which Fadi's defense had no access. The judge saw the video but said that it does not prove that Fadi did not attack anyone prior to it (Palestinian = guilty until proven innocent). He will be detained until tomorrow when he'll appear in court again."

IX (2/27 7:34 AM): Great new profile of Fadi here in the Stanford Daily.

VIII (2/27 6:27 AM): According to a family member, Fadi has not been released after appearing before a judge early Monday. He is now being moved to Ofer detention facility, and he will have a second hearing tomorrow.

VII (2/26 6:28 PM): A new website has been created to advocate for Fadi: www.freefadi.org. Check it out. New story about Fadi here.

VI (2/26 1:27 PM): According to his family members, Fadi is being held in Moscowbya prison, not Ofer jail as previously reported.

V (2/26 7:23 EST): According to a family member, "We do not know much about him since his family is not allowed to see him or speak with him. His lawyer barely has access to him. As far as we know, his health is ok."

IV (2/26 6:25 EST): Fadi's trial has been postponed until Monday (2/27). It was originally scheduled for Sunday.

III (7:23 EST): Because of all your support, we've doubled the number of likes on the Free Fadi Quran campaign.

From Fadi's friend in contact with his lawyer: "It would be very helpful if this does not go down quietly. Mobilizing the Stanford community and his friends, maybe a wider letter campaign and mainly just getting the story out can all help connect people to the story whose support we might need later on to help Fadi."

READ and SHARE SHARE SHARE this story. Can we get to 1,000 LIKES by tonight? 10,000? 

He does not deserve to sit in prison!

II (6:02 EST): Here's a Change.org petition started by Lila Kalaf which everyone should sign: http://chn.ge/y1aksO

I (11:15 EST)According to Fadi's friend who is in contact with his lawyer: "He is indeed held in Ofer jail, which is the military jail where Palestinians are imprisoned. He should be brought to court on Sunday, charged with battering a soldier. We hope he will be released then. Fadi was pepper sprayed and then took a bit of a beating in the jeep (as is customary), but the lawyer who met with him last night says he is doing well."

Palestinian nonviolent youth activist, PolicyMic pundit, and my close friend Fadi Quran was violently assaulted and arrested in Palestine on Friday. Fadi, a Stanford '10 graduate from the West Bank, was arrested in Hebron for allegedly pushing an Israeli soldier according to activists in Palestine. 

Yesterday was his 24th birthday.

A video of the altercation (watch the full video here) shows Fadi visibly upset and gesticulating to Israeli soldiers, before being grabbed by multiple soldiers, pushed toward a police van, and pepper sprayed by Israeli security forces. Fadi's abdomen and head hit the rear bumper of the van, as soldiers attemped to put him inside of it. Quran is shown lying in the street behind the van in agony.

Quran could potentially spend months in prison without having charges filed against him.

I met Fadi on a trip to Ahmedabad, India, where we studied Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and nonviolence with a group of Stanford students on Gandhi's ashram. Fadi participated in the three-week academic seminar in order to learn concrete skills of nonviolent protest to take back to the West Bank. 


Since graduating from Stanford with a double major in physics and international relations in 2010, Fadi returned to Palestine to work for an alternative energy company, study law at Birzeit University, and advocate for nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

TIME Magazine profiled Fadi in March 2011 and called him the "face of the new Middle East." In November 2010, he led a nonviolent bus protest (See photos here) modeled after the 1960s U.S. civil rights Freedom Riders to call attention to Israel's occupation and policies restricting Palestinians' freedom of movement. Fadi is an incredible person, a courageous activist, and living proof that Palestinians do, indeed, embrace nonviolence in their struggle against Israel.


As Robert Wright wrote in The Atlantic, "the traditional Israeli narrative -- that the absence of a solution is the fault of the Palestinians, so they'll have to live with it -- is going to run into trouble if people like Fadi Quran have their way."

Fadi visited the PolicyMic headquarters in last summer and inspired us all with his story: 

On July 4th, I asked Fadi what our generation's revolutionary moment is. Here's what he responded: 

"Our generation’s 1776 revolutionary moment will come when we change the institutional and structural frameworks that govern our everyday lives to reflect the true meaning of justice. The American Revolution was revolutionary because a governmental institution was created to reflect the essence of freedom: that people should have to power to set and change the laws and regulations that govern their day to day lives. Justice, in its essence, means that all people have equal and indefeasible claims to basic liberties, that all people have an equal opportunity to pursue happiness and achieve it, and that the least-advantaged in society are not left behind and ignored. The true essence of justice has yet to be reflected in any existing system of government. Moreover, the current global system of institutions and international relations is unabashedly unjust. Nonetheless, a new dawn of revolutions is rising from the ashes of Tunisia’s Boazizi, and as the old regimes crumble the youth of that region are given an opportunity to create a system of government that epitomizes justice. If they succeed, then that will be our generation’s 1776 moment."

Please help free Fadi Quran and get him home safely. There's currently a Free Fadi Quran Facebook page with more photos and background on his story, LIKE it here. Use the Facebook SHARE button below to spread his story. 

Fadi lives by the famous Martin Luther King, Jr. quote: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Stand up against this injustice. 

Photo Credit: Fadi Quran

We do not know  much about him since his family is not allowed to see him or speak with him. His lawyer barely has access to him.  As far as we know, his health is ok.

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