Iran is Not Building a Nuclear Weapon, Adele Goes Platinum on iTunes, and Everything You Need to Know Today

Weekend Word – Palestinian nonviolent youth activist, PolicyMic pundit, and my close friend Fadi Quran was violently assaulted and arrested in Palestine on Friday. Fadi, a Stanford '10 graduate from the West Bank, was arrested in Hebron for allegedly pushing an Israeli soldier according to activists in Palestine. Yesterday was his 24th birthday. TIME profiled Fadi in March 2011 and called him the "face of the new Middle East." Fadi is an incredible person, a courageous activist, and living proof that Palestinians do, indeed, embrace nonviolence in their struggle against Israel. Please help free Fadi Quran and get him home safely. Full story here

In Other News – The New York Times reports American intelligence analysts continue to believe there is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb. Recent assessments by American spy agencies are consistent with a 2007 intelligence finding and the 2010 National Intelligence Estimate which concluded that Iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program years earlier.

From the Campaign Trail – The GOP's political class now expects a loss to President Obama in November, and many Republicans are starting to look past 2012. "Six months before this thing got going, every Republican I know was saying, "We're gonna win, we're gonna beat Obama." Now even those who've endorsed Romney say, "My God, what [an effing] mess,"" says former Reagan strategist Ed Rollins.

Poll of the Day – A majority of Americans (51%) say President Obama is too liberal, a greater percentage than those believe Rick Santorum (38%) or Mitt Romney (33%) is "too conservative." http://bit.ly/ylHWeV

What to Watch For – PolicyMic will be hosting live coverage of the Arizona and Michigan Republican primary results on Tuesday (February 28). Stay tuned.

Top Stories – Oscars 2012: Best Picture to Be Decided By a Bunch of Old White Men – (Adeline Lambert) 94% of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is Caucasian and 77% is male. It is unfair that the group deciding on Oscar winners does not represent the diversity of the United States.

America is Vastly Unprepared for Cyber Warfare (Bradley Blakeman) – Former Bush administration official says we are in desperate need of a protocol in the event of a massive cyber attack. "The question is not whether America will be attacked, but when."

'Act of Valor' and the Role of Entertainment in Military Recruitment (Ryan Gorman)– The much hyped military action drama Act of Valor opens nationwide this weekend. Will this film, along with the killing of Osama bin Laden and other assorted SEAL Team Six activities, boost enrollment in the military?

Weekend Fun – Romney can't quite fill a football stadium for a rally in Michigan (ThinkProgress); Sam Adams founder is brewing the American Dream (Fast Company); Adele is the first artist to go double platinum on iTunes (Mashable); All-Star politics of the NBA (OpenSecrets); Happiness and GDP chart (The Economist); France drops 'mademoiselle' from official use (NY Times).

What We’re Reading – Why does the military love Ron Paul? (Mother Jones); Romney taps two famous Bush economic advisers (WSJ); 5 ways to make college more affordable (The Atlantic); All three leading GOP candidates would raise the national debt (LA Times).

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