Navy SEALs Are President Obama's Secret Army, High School Shooting Sparks Gun Violence Debate, and Everything You Need to Read This Morning

Today’s Word – Both Arizona and Michigan will hold primaries today. We expect the first results from the Michigan vote soon after the first polls close at 8 p.m. EST. In Arizona, no votes will be reported until after 10 p.m. EST. Romney is widely expected to win Arizona, while his home state of Michigan will be a photo finish with Rick Santorum. Arizona's primary is closed and limited to registered Republicans, while Michigan is open (which means even Democrats can potentially vote). There are 59 delegates up for grabs (29 in Arizona and 30 in Michigan). Arizona's delegates will be awarded winner-take-all, while Michigan's delegates will be allocated by a proportional method.

Where to Watch it Unfold – Right here @PolicyMic, the team will be following the events closely and live blogging as results come in. Be sure to tune in for what will be a wild night of political horse racing.

Top DebateOhio Chardon High School Shooting Begs Question: Why is Gun Violence So Common in U.S. Schools? – The Ohio shooting is the worst at a U.S. high school in 11 months, and the worst in Ohio since late 2007. What explains the prevalence of gun violence in America's schools?


Top Stories NYPD: I'm a Muslim-American College Student, Please Don't Spy on Me (Nadia S.B.) – NYPD, please tell Muslims why you felt blanketed searches of our school meetings and lunch spots would uncover criminal activity. We deserve to know how deeply you invade our privacy. 


Newt Gingrich Wrong on Energy Policy
(Kate Brandt) – The Obama administration is not to blame for rising oil prices and drilling more oil at home cannot solve the pain American’s are feeling at the pump. The answer is efficiency and alternatives.

Rich People Candy Study is Flawed (Jordan Wolf) – The Huff Po's story reporting that poor people behave more ethically than rich people is going viral. Only one small problem: It's terribly flawed.

Top 5 Men Doing Most for Women's Rights (Justine Gonzalez) – Find our which five men are standing up for women and making a difference.

B Bears

Obituary – Berenstain Bears co-creator Jan Berenstain dies today at age of 88.

Today's Fun LinksFacebook's top cop (Forbes); What is the best language to learn? (More Intelligent Life); Gay marine's homecoming kiss is lighting up the web (NPR).

What We’re ReadingNavy SEALs: Obama's secret army (The Daily Beast); Nate Silver's awesome Arizona and Michigan preview (NY Times); 5 millennial myths in business (Strategy-Business); Karl Rove: How to beat Obama (Foreign Policy); Judge dismisses organic farmers' case against Monsanto (NPR).

Photo Credit: An Honorable German

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