Alaska Primary Gives Ron Paul Last Hope on Super Tuesday

With 9 of the 10 Super Tuesday primary states decided, Ron Paul supporters now turn their attention to Alaska to see whether Ron Paul can finally win a primary in the 2012 GOP nomination for president.

Polls closed at midnight EST, and we are eagerly awaiting results.

It has been a mixed night for Ron Paul nation. Paul did not perform well in Idaho or North Dakota, where he had hoped to succeed, but he did manage to secure more votes than expected in Virginia and Vermont (though he did not win either contest).

Alaska affords Paul a real opportunity to notch his first victory. Paul is the only GOP candidate who has planned a campaign stop for this weekend, according to his "Alaska for Ron Paul" Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has sent his son to the state to campaign on his behalf, Rick Santorum has made campaign speeches on Alaska radio shows, and Newt Gingrich participated in a "Tele-Townhall on Energy & Natural Development in Alaska." But none of the candidates planned major stops in Alaska other than Paul.

This fits within the Paul campaign's strategy of picking up enough delegates in primary states to make a difference at the Republican convention this summer.

Gingrich, however, has won support from Alaska's most outspoken politician, Governor Sarah Palin.

Alaska offers 27 delegates, which will be split proportionately based on popular vote, and it will be open only to registered Alaska Republicans.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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