New Orleans Saints Bounty System Illegal, Rush Limbaugh is Wrong About Birth Control, and What You Need to Read This Morning

How it went down on Super Tuesday – Four years ago, the GOP primary race was effectively over at this stage of the campaign. In 2012, it’s not even half way there. Election correspondent Sophie Fry says last night's contest is not a game changer, and the nomination fight will stretch out into the spring. See her big take-aways here.


ALASKA (96%): Romney 32.6% ... Santorum 29.0% ... Paul 24.0% ... Gingrich 14.2%
IDAHO (100%): Romney 61.6% ... Santorum 18.2% ... Paul 18.1% ... Gingrich 2.1%
MASSACHUSETTS (98.5%): Romney 72.1% ... Santorum 12.1% ... Paul 9.6% ... Gingrich 4.6%
OHIO (>99%): Romney 38.0% ... Santorum 37% ... Gingrich 14.6% ... Paul 9.3%
VERMONT (93%): Romney 39.8% ... Paul 25.4% ... Santorum 23.7% ... Gingrich 8.1%
VIRGINIA (100%): Romney 59.5% ... Paul 40.5%

NORTH DAKOTA (100%): Santorum 39.7% ... Paul 28.1% ... Romney 23.7% ... Gingrich 8.5%
OKLAHOMA (100%): Santorum 33.8% ... Romney 28.0% ... Gingrich 27.5% ... Paul 9.6%
TENNESSEE (99.9%): Santorum 37.3% ... Romney 28.0% ... Gingrich 24.0% ... Paul 9.0%

GEORGIA (96.8%): Gingrich 47.4% ... Romney 25.7% ... Santorum 19.6% ... Paul 6.5%

Experts – NFL 'Bounty Systems' Are Barbaric and Probably Illegal – Economics and sports expert Chris Ryan responds to the news that for the last three seasons, New Orleans Saints players and coaches administered a system that offered defensive players cash rewards for inflicting game-ending injuries on opposing players. He says any efforts to intentionally hurt each other are barbaric and counter-productive, and probably illegal. Follow him on Twitter @CrispyRyan.


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Top Stories – 5 Army Veterans Who Are Making a Difference (Chris Miller) –Nationally, unemployment hovers around 8.5%. Among veterans, it reaches over 20%. Here are five campaigners who fought for the country and continue to stand up for their fellow veterans.
Putin May Be Russia's Next President, But There's Still Time for Medvedev's Muzhik Moment (Ed Hancox) – The Medvedev presidency held such promise at its beginning, but few of his promises panned out. There's still an opportunity for him to shake up the status quo before Putin takes power.

Why We Must Make Access to Contraception a Priority 
(Stephanie Dreyer) –Politicizing contraception jeopardizes women’s health by taking away access to a basic, preventative health care that treats and prevents many health conditions affecting women.

Today's Fun Links – What really sank the Titanic (Reuters); Upset men and the happy women who love them (NPR); How TED shrinks ideas (The Atlantic).


What We’re Reading
 – With no knockout punch, bruising GOP primary plods on (Jeff Zeleny, NY Times); What's so super about Super Tuesday? (Huffington Post); 29 companies yank ads from Rush Limbaugh (Politico); Our corrupt politics: It's not all about money (Ezra Klein, NY Books); Confessions of a bad teacher (NY Times).

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